The secret of Sherlock Holmes.

Sophia closely watches Sherlock Holmes solve his cases. Just trying to find his secret. His, well major weakness. But when her sister is killed by his enemy, will sherlock be the only one to help? Even if she would feel like punching him in the face? And would she have to encounter such a strange man? BBC Sherlock fan fic. I'm in love with this t.v show and encourage people to watch it. Sherlock and John Watson are actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman


7. Finally seen...once

"Sherlock?" I asked longing to ask the one question I needed to know. "Mmmm?" He said on the sofa obviously way too deep in thought. "I wanted to know... How did you know me by just one look? I mean it's impossible for an ordinary person to do that." His eyes opened wide. "When I first met John, I knew he was an ex- army man. Reason? Well I. Could tell by the way his head was tilted when he handed me his phone for me to borrow. Sideways. He had a limp and a cane. The limp had something to do with his mental mind. Shot in the leg, too. When asked for a chair he prefers to stand up, used to action. He stands up straight when he walks unlike others who slouch nowadays. I knew he had a therapist obviously because he had a psycosammatic limp. When he looks at you his lips are bad. Frowning but seeming to know things just by the look on his face. Obviously a doctor." I looked at him in disbelief. "Brilliant. Just brilliant." I said. He looked at me. "Not what many say." "Well what do they usually say?" He laughed. "Piss off." I smiled. I sat there thinking on how we were going to capture James Moriarty. "Come on. We are going to meet Molly at the hospital. I must examine the splinters of wood more closely." He shot up and rushed out the door with me dragging after him.

When I was dragged into the hospital by Sherlock, Molly already had her stuff and was out the door for her lunch break. Sherlock turned her into the lab once again. "But it's my lunch break", she said. "You're having lunch with me." Sherlock said in a rush. He pulled out two bags of chips. Molly opened her mouth to say something, but instead she sighed and turned back to put her lab coat on. "I have to run, Sherlock. Ill be back!" "Lunch with John isn't it?" He said without looking up. I rolled my eyes and rushed out the door. Ready to meet John at the café. Before I could walk outside, my phone buzzed. It was from... Sherlock. He texted me how he knew I was going to
Lunch with John. I ignored it. For once at least Sherlock and I could get to know each other.
I called a taxi and the cabbi drove me to the café. When I paid him and he left, I recognized his face enemy. He had the slightly curly brown hair and a square face. Combed back into a cabbie hat. This man killed my sister. This man was my enemy. And I just let this man get away.

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