The secret of Sherlock Holmes.

Sophia closely watches Sherlock Holmes solve his cases. Just trying to find his secret. His, well major weakness. But when her sister is killed by his enemy, will sherlock be the only one to help? Even if she would feel like punching him in the face? And would she have to encounter such a strange man? BBC Sherlock fan fic. I'm in love with this t.v show and encourage people to watch it. Sherlock and John Watson are actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman


3. Consulting genius

The next few days I spent starring at the wall on my bed. I was...well thinking. I did not eat that much because I wasn't hungry. I had to find out who this moriarty was. If he blew up my sister then I would blow his head off. If he didn't, well I never really thought of that. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Come in!", I yelled. Thinking it was John, I said, "John I'm not hungry I need to think." He still had not walked out. "Think about what?" It was Sherlock. I should have known. "Sorry", I said. "Just thinking." He gave me a sideways glance. "Just thinking? Well it's a very deep, dark thought. Your thinking about your enemy." How did he...never mind he's been running his mouth the last few days. "Yes", I said quietly. He sat on the bed. "My enemy, the one who blew up my sister, his name is moriarty. James Moriarty." He look up. "What about him?" He said sternly. "Well, I had a dream about it. He said that it was easy to blow up the building. I don't know if its true-" he cut me off. "It is. It's true. James did blow up your sister. But, the main thing is...your not the only one who hates him. You could say he's my enemy too." He left the room with me shocked. Sherlock had the same enemy as me. I walked out of the room to John. "What do you know about James moriarty?" I asked John. "Oh, James Moriarty, Sherlocks enemy, the first time they met went very well. Sherlock tried to shoot him, he tried to blow him up. The next time they saw each other, well you get the point." I nodded. I wonder. The three of us could find Moriarty and hunt him down. John knocked on Sherlocks door. "Sherlock, are you okay?", he asked. "Yes fine." He slammed the door in his face. I guess we coul be partners...

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