One Direction Valentine's Day One Shot


1. One Shot: Harry

I wanted to run away with you. 

The lyrics repeated over, and over in your head as your hand lightly traced the petals of a rose on a stand outside the florist shop. Sighing, you ran your hands along the wooden cart, and you thought back to your boyfriend, Harry. His smile filled your thoughts, your stomach fluttering at the thought of his name.

Pulling the collar of your coat closer to your neck, you let out a shuttering breath in the cold February air as you crossed the street to head back to your flat. It was February 14th -Valentine's Day- and you still hadn't heard from Harry. 

I wanted only you.

Adjusting the strap of your bag, you managed to grab your keys with your numbed fingers. As you were about to unlock the front door, you noticed a sticky note attached to the door frame; tucked into the corner so the wind wouldn't cause it to fly away. 

Snatching it up, you shoved your keys back into the flap of your bag and read what was written in bold print. 

'this is your first hint. come find me (; I enjoy a hot cup of tea xx'


His name popped into your hand, and a smirk made it's way to your face. Looking around, you gripped the note, and made your way down the street, eyes wandering in search of something in relation to the note. 

Starbucks came into view as you rounded the corner. Moving around the people who crowded the sidewalk in the busy area, you pushed open the door to the coffee shop in hopes of finding a note out in the open. 

"Would you like anything, miss?" a worker asked as they scrubbed down the counter. 

"No, I'm fine. Just looking for something." you replied smoothly, tightening your scarf to lessen the chills that ran up and down your body. 

"This?" the worker asked. Jerking your head to his direction, there was a note in between his index and middle finger, holding it out in your direction. 

"Yes." you told him, grabbing it, and giving him a nod of appreciation. 

I see you in all the pieces of my life. 

Lyrics continuously rang in your head, causing your chest to tighten. 

'good job, babe! next thing, hint 2 out of 4...I'm black and white. I have spots. (: xx' 

Sliding this hint on top of the first, you smiled shyly at the worker as you headed back out into the brisk air. Wind whipped your hair around you, leaves swarming around your feet. 

Spotted with black and white.You thought, running your fingers through the ends of your hair. Pulling out your cell phone, you searched for descriptions of areas like that in Cheshire. Immediately, a result popped up. 

Milkshake City.

Grinning to yourself, you headed to the next block where people were dashing in and out of the shop. As you passed the front window of the shop, there was a note stuck on the side of a trash bin. Pulling it off quickly, you read it over and laughed at his cheekiness. 

'babe, you're almost there ;) follow the yellow brick road xx' 

Dumbfounded, you thought back to where you had heard the yellow brick road. Knowing it was from the Wizard of Oz originally, different options bombarded your thoughts. 

The lamp posts!

Looking up, you shielded your eyes from the sunlight streaming through the clouds, and saw that each lamp post on this side of the street had yellow flags -with arrows on them. 

With glee, you half walked-half jogged North as you followed the arrows. It took about five minutes until they came to an abrupt stop at the park in the center of town. With confusion, you searched the area to try to find the curls that made your stomach lurch with love. 

Heading into the park, your boots cracked the leaves in the pathway leading up to the gazebo.

At a tree a few feet away from the structure, there was the last sticky note. 

'look ahead, love xx' 

Pulling your head up, you stared into the eyes of your boyfriend. 

"Harry." was all you managed to say, dropping the hints and pulling him to you. His warmth immediately cascaded over your body, his hands at your waist. He breathed in the scent of your perfume, resting his head on top of yours.

"I've missed you." he whispered, rubbing your back. 

"Same here, Harry" you replied softly, your head in the space separating his chin from his shoulders.

"Come here." he finally said, breaking the comfortable silence. Heat rose to your cheeks as you finally realized that he had yet to say something to you about Valentine's Day. 

"Harry I-" Stopping in the middle of your sentence, you saw rose petals in the center of the gazebo, spelling out something. 

I'd never forget about you, happy Valentine's Day Y/N

Clutching your bag, your heart sped up and tears brimmed your eyes. 

Harry's arms wrapped around you from behind, and you leaned your head back into his chest. He chuckled, vibrations shooting down your arms and back. 

"Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful. Here." he stated, pulling your hair back as cold metal made contact with your neck. Gasping, you looked down to see that it was a heart pendant. 

"Harry, it's beautiful." you whispered, your fingers gliding over the smooth surface. 

"You deserve the absolute best. And that's what I got you."

Tears fell down your cheeks, and he wiped them with his thumb. 

"I love you. So much." you told him, going on the tips of your toes to rest your forehead against his. 

"I love you, too. To the moon and back." he whispered, kissing your nose lightly, then your cheek, and finally -your lips. 



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