I'm sorry

Only about 1-2 chapters long unless you comment any ideas on what you think should happen.

"Baby I'm sorry I snapped without letting you explain"


1. Why??


Kyla's pov.

Know I did not cheat on ZAYN I was with my BFF Zak we've be friends forever he lives in America and I live in Bradford. he came to visit me cause we havent seen each other in forever.

ZAYN comes home and mad and says " Why. Why. Why. Why would you cheat on me and I don't need any axcusses.Im Done."he yelled at the last part."I didn't ZAYN my best friend Zak came from Wisconsin to see me because we haven't seen each other in 5 years."I whisperd. But he was already gone I can't believe he would just yell at me instead of letting me explain he is the love of my life nothing or no ones going to change the fact that I'm still in love with ZAYN MALIK. Then I just fell to the floor crying my eyes out.......

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