One shot

Alissa and her best friend travel to England, they bump into Singing sensations, Niall Horan and Harry Styles from One Direction. For Valentines day a surprise awaits for the two girls.


1. Ice Skating

     Me and Zaynn were sleeping in our cabin out in the woods when we heard a car horn in the driveway.

     "Alissa?" I glanced over to my best friend who was panicking already. "Tell me that you ordered a midnight snack?"  I shook my head. Swiftly grabbing a hockey stick, I ran down the stairs followed by Zaynn.  Muffled conversations was outside, peeking through the window I saw two men surrounding a nice car.

     "I'm going to see what's happening," Barely touching the knob She stopped me. "No worries you have a phone, call help."  I sneaked behind a bush.

     "Who ever you are we know your there!" A husky voice called out. I revealed my self in my pyjamas and approached them cautiously. Under the street light I saw two familiar voices. I kept lungs to scream out as I saw their faces. "You a fan?" I nodded.

     "Would you help us we got lost because Harry said he knew the way." I let out a giggle to Niall's joke and let them in. Zaynn, the boys and us talked for awhile before falling asleep on the coaches. 

     "Hey....." My eyes fluttered open to see Niall staring at me. "Can I ask you a favor?" I nodded as I sat up. "Will you be my valentine, please? It's valentine today and I have no one....."

     "Okay, but only for today okay?" He smiled and nodded. We ate breakfast and decided to go Ice skating before the boys go home. The outdoor Ice rink was a block away so we walked. Talking to the boys was much easier than I expected, they seemed like normal people, Harry even freaked out a little finding out my friend's name is Zaynn.

     W rented skates and headed for the ice. I laughed because Niall fell once he stepped on the ice, I helped him up and skated with him. 

     "You know, so far this has been a great Valentine's." Niall exclaimed sitting in a bench," Most of the time during this day I hang out with my mom." 

     "I should say thank you," I sat beside him, seeing Harry and Zaynn rush past as again "You made valentine's day fun this year, usually I spend it crying my broken heart out." 

     "I really wish that I could really date you" Sadness in his voice " but I don't want to put anyone through the hatred I go through everyday, I thought this was just gonna be a one shot thing"

     "Niall do you think of me as a friend?" He gave me a confused look, then slowly nodded "Have you ever heard of the saying 'lovers can change but friends stick together'". Smiling back he gave me a quick peck on the cheek. 

     That was the one shot I got on a great relationship but I blew it. Niall is a sweet boy who cares too much but I denied his offer because I was a wimp when it came to judgement. Zaynn and Harry hit it off but like me she denied it. I bet you that right now those two are with great girls who love them as much as the boys do. I hope so, because that will break my heart even more. 

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