When Harry met Lexi

Can guys be friends with girls without the sex and attraction get in the way? Is it possible? I am Lexi Edwards and i am about to find out.


7. Verification

After lunch in a small Italian bistro we all decided to split up and go our separate ways. As I entered my small home, my cell phone rang with cheerful song by American Authors called Best Day of My Life.


“Hi is this Alexia Edwards?”

“Yes it is.”

“Alright we are calling from St-Regis Mental Institute; we are confirming your visit for tomorrow at two.”

“Oh yes, I will be there.”

“Ok great. See you then.” The line went dead before I could wish the nurse farewell.

Maybe I should bring Stephan a present this time other than his usual set of red roses. Before I could decide on what to get my brother my phone rang again with the same cheerful song.

“Hello?” I ask again.

“Hey Lex! You alright? You sound funny.” Harry’s loud voice boomed.

“Oh yeah I’ m fine just a little tired.”

“From our wild night eh?” I could feel him wink.

“OH stop bringing it up! We decided on being friends so act like it.” I snapped un-intentionally.

“Wow there Lex, are you sure you’re alright. You sound much to aggravate to be tired.”

“Come over tomorrow around one and I’ll show you.”

“Ok anything specific I should bring?” I think about it for a few seconds and reply with: “A dozen of red roses.”

“Sure thing love! See you tomorrow!” He said, his cheerfulness remaining just as it was.

“Bye lovely!” I say trying to sound more positive than I felt.

I love visiting my brother, I do, really but the horrible memories of that institute will haunt me forever. When will my father transfer him to another mental facility? 

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