When Harry met Lexi

Can guys be friends with girls without the sex and attraction get in the way? Is it possible? I am Lexi Edwards and i am about to find out.


5. Unwanted feelings

“Where have you been?! I missed you pumpkin!” Harry cooed in a sticky voice trying to make giggle.

“Helping out a lovely woman. El caused her to spill coffee all over her dress so I took her to the Topshop across the road to get her a new one. As a thank you she offered me a modeling job at Mulberry.” I answer Harry’s question.

“You bought a new dress for a stranger?” HE asked clearly not believing me.

“It’s true. I couldn’t handle being away from my Boo so I came back!” El said backing me up, her eyes never leaving Niall’s whose smile was from ear to ear.

“Wow. No one I know would have ever done that.” Zayn said, impressed.

“Yeah she’s pretty great.” Harry said placing an arm over my shoulder, darkening Zayn’s features for a split second only to return to his usual radiant bronze color.

“OH there’s no need for this sort of thing! I am just treating others just as I would have wanted to be treated.” I chime in breaking the tension. “Does this place have any real food other than crackers and day old cookies?”

“A place I know a few blocks down doesn’t.” Liam says coming out of the second room. “Hi I’ am Liam I don’t think we’ve formally met yet.”

“There’s no need to be formal!” I smile giving him a hug. HE returns the hug with greater intensity. I tighten my grip and so does he. WE do so until our arms started to become weak and the lack of oxygen turned our faces bright red.

“I win!” he shouts as I let go first.

“NO fair! I was about to suffocate!”

“It’s alright, I wouldn’t mind giving mouth to mouth.” Liam says winking.

“This must have been your plan all along eh?” I say narrowing my eyes a small smirk playing on my lips. HE nods his head and begins to tickle me. Soon everyone joins in. In all of the commotion I end up on top of Harry who slyly states, “You’re on top of me for the second time in less than 24 hours. This has got to be some sort of record.”

“If I beat some sort of record I need a prize.”

“But you’ve already got the prize.” He’s grin growing wider by the second.

“NO that prize is too small for me.” Laughter erupts around the room and I clamber of Harry. I stretch out my hand, “Come on big boy.” His grin began to grow smaller by the second. “Now, now no need to be grumpy.”

“I am not grumpy.”

“Of course Hun!” I say pinching his cheeks.

He grabs me by the waist in an embrace and whispers into my ear, “MY prize is pretty big, just so you know, in case you forgot.”

I swivel around, his arms still around my waist, I look into his green orbs and say “We’re friends remember.”

“Right.” His arms disappear from around my waist, leaving it feeling bare and cold. The door slammed shut as Harry left. What was that? He was the one who proposed to be friends. What the hell is his issue? His current attitude is making me feel cheap and used. Asshole. 

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