When Harry met Lexi

Can guys be friends with girls without the sex and attraction get in the way? Is it possible? I am Lexi Edwards and i am about to find out.


9. Pleasant dreams

We stayed with my brother until 9:30 catching up and playing board games. The two boys became instant friends which made me so happy I started to cry alarming both of them. ON our way home Harry suggested he drives and I eagerly agreed as I was completely drained of any energy my body possessed in the morning. From the moment I felt my eyes close firmly I don’t remember a single thing until I was placed on top of my own bed by a pair of arms, Harry’s arms.

“Harry?” I whisper to the dark shape standing beside me.


“Can you stay? I always get nightmares after visiting the hospital…” I trial on, he doesn’t reply. “Harry?” I ask again.

“Sure thing beautiful.” He throws his sweater and pants onto the floor and climbs into the spot beside mine.

“Goodnight Alexia.” He whispers into my ear, his warm breath tickling my neck.

“Goodnight Harry.” I whisper as I place my head on his shoulder. He’s body went rigid as my head made contact but he soon relaxed by placing his free arm on my belly.

For once, after coming home from the St-Regis Hospital I didn’t have terrorizing nightmares just dreams of me and Harry on a picnic in a field filled with flowers. 

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