When Harry met Lexi

Can guys be friends with girls without the sex and attraction get in the way? Is it possible? I am Lexi Edwards and i am about to find out.


10. Let's Talk

I can hear the familiar sizzling of food and with one sniff of the air you can tell they were pancakes. Under my blanket I could hear and feel my stomach grumble loudly. I quickly and silently brushed my teeth and went to out to my kitchen to great the chef making breakfast. The chef stood without a shirt and pants in only navy blue boxer shorts sending a tingling sensation through my body. I brushed it off and snuck up to the boy.

“Boo!” I whisper into his ear. HE jumps a little but the pan in his hand stayed firmly in his hand.


“Yes Harry?” I looked up at him smiling.

“You scared me.” I smile towards him and I turn around to set the table. To my surprise it has already been set and a few daises sat in the middle in a green glass vase.

“I love daises. They’re such a happy flower.”

“I thought so, they remind me of you.” We stood in silence looking at the yellow flowers. I was shaken out of the daze by a warm hand being placed on my shoulder.  “Sit, I made crepes.”

“You didn’t have to Harry.”

“NO I didn’t but I wanted to.”

“Thank you, I really appreciate all that you have done for me.” I say looking into his eyes hoping he understood that I also was thanking him for staying the night.

“It was no trouble”

“IF you say so.” I reply digging into the pancakes. I mean crepes. What’s the difference?  I ask Harry and he answers” Crepes are French, thin and when cooking you spread out the dough around the whole pan. A pancake on the other hand is smaller, thicker and I believe American.”

“How do you know so much about cooking?” I ask again in between mouthfuls of crepe and raspberry.

“I worked at a bakery.”

“Are you ok?”

“No.” He simply stated.

“Will you tell me what’s wrong? Was it the staying the night thing? I didn’t mean to make it awkward…”

He sighs and was clearly thinking of a smart answer or maybe of an answer in general.

“We say we’re best friends but we act as though we are together. “he finally states.

I think about what he has said. It’s true. We act like lovers but we title ourselves like friends. I’ve even trusted him with the secrets of my past, something I haven’t even told Ellie. So I get up and stand in front of him “What do you see me as?” He didn’t say anything. He only looked at me. Then he too stood up.

“I see you as someone I love.” With those words I felt his lips on mine. His arms delicately touched my waist with the thumbs gently massaging circles on my hips. My thin, long fingers found their way into his soft, curly hair.

“I love you.” I whisper in between kisses and I can feel him grin. With that he picked me up and headed towards the bedroom. HE gently placed me down and clambered over me. HE wrapped his arms around me.

“I just want to lay here with you and talk.”

That’s what we did for four hours until we heard knocking at my front door. 

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