When Harry met Lexi

Can guys be friends with girls without the sex and attraction get in the way? Is it possible? I am Lexi Edwards and i am about to find out.


2. Leaving

After a long shower, picking out what to wear which ended up being leggings and a Manchester united football jersey Harry still hasn’t texted me the location of his studio. So I decided to clean my 1 story house. I am bored and a clean freak so…ya.

Half through cleaning my toilet my cell phone rang, I answered and placed between my ear and shoulder.

“Hello?” I ask

“Hey Lex! You busy?” Harry asked.

“I am cleaning a toilet.” I bluntly state, the other line begins to laugh. “it’s not funny ok! I like my house to be clean!” This didn’t make the laughter stop, instead they began to laugh harder. “Are you finished?” I ask when the line became silent again.

“Mhm, usually people say not much or watching the tellie.”

“I am not most people.”

“I’ve noticed.”

“IS there a specific reason for why you called?”

“Oh yeah! Come to the studio El is here with Niall and they’re practically eating each other’s faces!” in the background I hear some yell shut up Harry.

“Aw are you feeling left out?”

“A little.” I can feel him wink.

“Did you just wink?” I ask exasperated.

“Yeah…” My turn to laugh.

“Alright text me the address I’ll be there soon!” I hang up before he could reply. In a few seconds I get a text.

Way to hang up on me Lex! Bellow that there was the address to the studio. I laugh but don’t reply. I put some makeup which consists of winged eyeliner and mascara. On my lips I put some lip balm. I let my blond hair fall down in curls. NO bothering to change out of my jersey I leave my house to go find my friends.

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