When Harry met Lexi

Can guys be friends with girls without the sex and attraction get in the way? Is it possible? I am Lexi Edwards and i am about to find out.


4. A new friend

“OH my god Lexi he was great! A true gentleman!” Ellie squealed while on our way to the Starbucks down the road.

“El I don’t want any of the dirty details.” I warn, but she continues rambling on not hearing my complaint.

“We took a shower together and he smells so good and his hair! Oh god his hair! It’s the softest thing! It’s like touching a bunny only it’s blond!” 

“I am absolutely thrilled that you have found this boy! He seems very sweet.”

“He is, he is! What about you? Did you and Harry, you know,” she says elbowing me.

“Yes but…”

“OH MY GOODNESS LEXI EDWARDS YOU NAUGHTY GIRL!” she shrieked so ear splinter loud that the pour woman sitting in the nearby café jumped spilling her coffee all over her white dress. I glare at Ellie.

“El look what you did! I bet that will never come out!”

“I’m sure she can find another lump polly-blend dress.” She huffed.  I come over to the pour woman trying to furiously rub off the coffee.

“HI miss, my friend here has been terribly rude yelling so obnoxiously loud. IF you would allow me I would like to take you to the Topshop across the street and buy you a new dress.”  The lady looked up smiling.

“That is very sweet of you dearie and as much as I hate asking for favors I’m going to take you up on that offer. I have business meeting you see.”

“Wonderful! I am Alexia Edwards but please call me Lexi.” I introduce myself.

“Johanna Fitch.”

“It’s a pleasure.” I say.

“Oh no, no dearie the pleasure is all mine!”

After a quick sweep of the Topshop Jo and I stumbled upon a beautiful baby pink dress which flattered her soft features and soft blue eyes. El on the other hand huffed and grumbled during the whole duration of the dress picking. She couldn’t stand it any longer so she with pure anger screamed bye and stormed out tipping over 2 manikins in the process. It took me, JO and two Topshop workers 25 minutes to put them back together.

“I really am sorry for my friend’s behavior, when the attention isn’t on her she gets a little peeved.” I explain to Jo.

“It’s quite alright lovely.” She replied in a warm tone. “Now I wouldn’t want to keep you waiting from re-joining your friends. Go along now!” She said with a brief hug and a small wave from her hand.

“Bye Jo!” I smile waving back. Instead of continuing to walk towards the small coffee shop she turns around and gives me small card.

“I work for a very good company as a photographer and we are need of models!” I look down at the card on the top in small bock letters you can read Mulberry and bellow that her name and number. “Call me Lexi!” She says this time continuing to walk towards the cute shop. I guess that was my queue to head back to the studio. A big smile spread across my face, I had a job offer from Mulberry. 

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