When Harry met Lexi

Can guys be friends with girls without the sex and attraction get in the way? Is it possible? I am Lexi Edwards and i am about to find out.


1. Friends...?

Harry came out in his clothes from yesterday and takes a seat at the kitchen table. We didn’t speak a word.

“You know what I am thinking?” He asked me.

“No please inform me.” I finish adding a lump of sugar to mine and give Harry’s coffee without anything, yet I put the sugar onto the table.

“I think this is so awkward because we see each other as friends?” He asked more than stated his answer or thought.

“I think you’re right. Friends?” I ask him smiling. HE nods with a smile.


“Speaking of friends did you see where Niall and El went the night before?” 

“No, I was too busy singing next to someone who sounds like a dying walrus!” he said winking. I punch him in the arm.

“I am not that bad…” I begin to blush and he laughs at me.

“NO you’re not, you’re kind of good.”

“Now, now no need to lie.” He puts his hands up in defense.

“Whatever you say Lex.”

“What time is it?” HE asks looking worried.


“I have to go to my studio! Shit I totally forgot!” HE downs his coffee and rushes to the door slipping on his shoes. I trail after him.

“Come visit ok?” HE takes my shoulders and makes me look into his green orbs, they are so green holy damn.

“Oh yeah sure, text me the address.” He hands me his phone and I type in my number.

“Alright I’ll see you soon, El will probably be there since you know…” he wiggles his eye brows and does a hip thrust, I burst out laughing.

“Ok, ok don’t hurt yourself.”

“Bye Lexi!” he kisses my forehead we both look at each other like WTF. I shrug and kiss his cheek.

“Now go before you lose your job!”

“I am going, I am going, sheesh calm down woman!” I shake my head, that boy.

“By the way what’s your real name?”

“Alexia.” I tell him.

“Nice. See you around 12!” he waves, gets into his car and drives away.

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