second chances

Kionna is regular teenage girl living with with her best friend Tianna in a beaten down hotel just barey paying rent. She has a pretty great life exept the secrets of her past. When she meets Louis Tomlinson her life changes and everything feels better... But not for long


7. the party

N/A my computers messed up and wont let me continue my story so i have to start from chapter seven

Louis POV

As Liam drove following Kionna's car and the ambulance we talked about what had just happened. We got to the hospital and sat in the waiting room eager to hear if she was okay. Luckily Kionna had caught her whe she passed out before she hit her head on the floor. I sat next to Kionna and Harry sat on the other side followed by Niall and Liam ad Zanye. Harry kept trying to flirt with her which I didn't like and i could tell she didn't care because he was the last thing on his mind. All of a sudden the nurse walked in. "she's okay" she spoke every one sighed with relief. "she's still a little disoriented, but you can come see her" we all got up and followed the nurse to the room. Kionna turned around to look at ll of us. "stay here, ill tell you when you can come in" we all nodded. She then dissapeared into the room.


A/N those last couple chapters were a little everywhere sorry bout' that

Kionna's POV

As me and Tianna were walking out the boys slowly walked out behind us talig in a low whisper. Suddenly Louis ran up to me "hey Kionna!!!" he called. Me and Tianna stoped and turned around. "ya?" "The guys are having a party tonight ad were wonderig if you and your frien wanna come? It's the least we could do since we made you pass out" he said looking sorry at Tianna. "I don't-" Tianna cut me off "WE'LL BE THERE!!!" she screamed. "great! Heres the address" He haded me a peice of paper with numbers on it. It was the address to the party and on the other sidde it ssaid "call me" with his number. I smiled and turned back around and headded to the car. "what was that for?" i asked Tianna "dude, he totally likes you" "yeah right lets go get ready"

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