second chances

Kionna is regular teenage girl living with with her best friend Tianna in a beaten down hotel just barey paying rent. She has a pretty great life exept the secrets of her past. When she meets Louis Tomlinson her life changes and everything feels better... But not for long


5. Over excited

Kionna's POV

all of a sudden 4 more boys came ad stood behind the man and it gave it way that one direction was standing right in front of my face. Niall, Harry, Zayne, Liam and Louis. "who's this?'' Niall asked "oh im so rude im-" "Louis, i know and you One direction" i said cutting him off all of a sudden Tianna called me down the isle as she walked up beside me "hey boo-bear? did you get the toilet paper?" she asked not noticing the boys were standing right in frot of her "boo-bear?" Louis asked with a quizical look on his face. "three-two-one" i said as i pointed at the 5 boys standing in front of us. She screamed so loud my ears rang then she fainted.

Tianna's POV

I woke up in some ugly gown. I flicked my eyes open to see Kionna stannding over me."where am i?" i asked "you're in a hospital" she replid "what the hell, why am I in a hospital, in theese ugly clothing? so not my style by the way" she laughed "you passed out in the store, lets just say you got...." she paused to think of a word to use "over excited i guess" "what, why" i asked confused. All of a sudden five boys walked in smiling. "i-is that O-ONE DIRETION!!!!!" "dont pass out again please" Harry pleaded. I got relased that day.

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