second chances

Kionna is regular teenage girl living with with her best friend Tianna in a beaten down hotel just barey paying rent. She has a pretty great life exept the secrets of her past. When she meets Louis Tomlinson her life changes and everything feels better... But not for long


8. Gettin ready

Kionna's POV

We got back to the house and I sat on the couch as Tianna went to lay down in her bed. I pulled out the note from my back pocket and stared at the number. CALL ME. It said in capital letters.

Louis POV

I got back to my penthouse and started browsing through my closet to find something too wear. I grabbed a black blazer and white button up shirt with black pants. The usual. And hung them up on a hanger. i had to meet Liam for lunch while his girlfriend went for a dress fitting. I got to a restaurant called The Peek and saw Liam waving at me from inside. I walked inside and a man took my jacket. The walls were Mahogany colored and the seats were leather. There was a bar and three flat screen t.v's hanging on the walls with a football  game commercial on. I sat i the booth with Liam. "Hey" "hey" i said as i sat down. "soooo? that girl you invited too the party..." "Yeah what about her?" "Are you sure she's not some crazy fan trying to get close too One Direction?" "Yes i'm sure Liam... Why would you think that?" "Well... Her friend did call her Boo bear and her friend fainted when she saw us..." "Don't worry about it"

Kionna's POV

I got up off the sofa and went into my room to start getting ready for the party. I got in the shower and washed my hair. I got out and applied my make up. I went for a smokey eye look with red lips. Then Tianna came in and started washing her face. Man it sucks having one bathroom. I went to my closet and grabbed my red dress and my red stilletoes. Tianna wore a purple dress with black heels her hair out and bangs clipped up. So did I except my bangs weren't clipped up. Then we left

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