second chances

Kionna is regular teenage girl living with with her best friend Tianna in a beaten down hotel just barey paying rent. She has a pretty great life exept the secrets of her past. When she meets Louis Tomlinson her life changes and everything feels better... But not for long



Kionna's POV

I got up bright and early this morning ready to start my day fresh and new. I had to go shopping because i had no food in the fridge except spoiled milk and moldy bread. I went into tianna's room and she was soundly sleeping and lightly snoring. "Tianna wake up you lazy bum!!! It's one in the afteroon!!!" I exclaimed "errrrrg i dont wanna get up" Tianna grumbled "you want me to get the water!?!" I threatened "ya right" she spoke "the last time you said that it never happened" she grrabbed the pillow and put it over her head. I walked out of the room and grabbed a bowl from under the sink.  I filled it with cold water and walked back in her room. "you wanna bet?" i said with a smirk on my face. "pssh" she said with a sly look. i then dumped the bucket of extremly cold water directy on her face and she jumped out of bed like a ninja jumpng into action. "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!"  she yelled "i told you i would do it..." and i walked back into my room "im leaving in 15 minutes!!!" i yelled "bitch" Tianna said under her breath. "What was that?" "nothing"

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