second chances

Kionna is regular teenage girl living with with her best friend Tianna in a beaten down hotel just barey paying rent. She has a pretty great life exept the secrets of her past. When she meets Louis Tomlinson her life changes and everything feels better... But not for long



Tianna's POV

"Bitch" i said under  my breath "what was that?" she said "nothing" and i went to the bathroom to get dressed.

Kionna's POV

We got to the store which took half an hour to find because we didnt know the area. We finaly found one called "Berneys Market, food and supplies" and walked in Tianna on my right. She went to grab a buggie and i went to buy toilet paper while she grabbed canned foods. I walked into the utility supplies isle and looked for Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper my favorite. I guess they didn't have it like they did in Vancouver. As i bent down i walked in to a tall man. He was quite cute and had a smile across his face. He had blue eyes and hair. "sorry, my bad i should watch where im going" then i noticed him IT WAS LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!

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