Valentines day sucks...

Alexander Nottingaze and Niall Horan had been going out ever since they were sixteen. Alex is classified as the most popular and hottest girl in the school. But not to worry she is nice, and so is Niall. Niall leaves her after auditioning for the x-factor and never comes back. So when he turns up on Lexy's doorstep after two years, what will she say? what will she do? In the chapters it explores Lexy and Nialls past life as a couple for two years. Then it will show what they are like now.
yeh this is the worst description ever but i am really tired soo... Please read it!! It should be good pleaseeeee :)


1. Valentine's day surprise

I woke up in a daze. I groaned and looked at my calendar. Great! Just great. It's Valentine's day. You may be getting the feeling that i don't like Valentine's day. Well i don't. In fact, I hate it! It never used to be this way though. Every Valentine's day i'd get up early and check the post-to see if i had any cards. I always did have them. You can't be classified as the 'hottest girl' in the school and not get any Valentine's day cards. Even guys who weren't single sent me cards. I never really thought much of them though. Until one day, i got one from a certain irish boy. God he was hot, and funny, and romantic. Ever since i got that Valentine's card we dated. And i loved him. He love me too. I guess you could say that we were hopelessly in love. I guess we were. But then he had to go and audition for X factor. He left me. I haven't seen him since. You'd think that he'd at least keep contact with a girl that he had dated for almost 4 years. But no. It's like he had erased me from his mind. I don't know what i'd do if i saw him again. Probably mumble a 'hi' and walk away, i suppose.

I stretched and got off my bed. Yes, another Valentine's day at home. All because of some guy. Man, that Niall Horan really got to me. I looked at myself in the mirror. Hmmm, thats it! I am sick and tired of spending Valentines day indoors. I'm gonna dress sexy and go to Starbucks then maybe go to Nandos. With my mind made up on that decision, i had a shower and then walked over to my wardrobe and fumbled around my clothes until i finally found it. It was a black and red dress with spaghetti straps that showed my chest. It was red at the top with a black lacy see-through rectangle on my stomach that showed my belly-button and my tattoo. It was 'bite me' circling my belly-button with vampire bats. Cool, i know. I got it last week. From there under is was black and flowy, stopping just above my knees. I straigtened my elbow length black hair and put red streaks through it. Then i put red lipstick o, along with some blush, mascara and eyeliner. Not to mention eyeshadow too. Looking pleased with myself, i finished my outfit off with red, dangly earings and red strappy heels. Hmmp, way to get dressed up, YOU GO GIRL! I ran downstairs to the kitchen and wrote a note to my parents telling them where i was going. Suddenly the door knocked. I groaned, it better not be Malcolm again. No offence but he is a nerd. I'm not usually mean but COME ON!!  He won't leave me alone. I opened the front door.

" Malcolm, for the last time! I will not go out with you, oka-uhh" I faltered because standing there infront of me was not Malcolm. It was Niall. Niall Horan. The ex-boyfriend who left me was standing at my front door holding a big bouqet of red, white, blue, yellow and pink roses in one hand and a bag of presents in the other. He was looking down at me (yeh, i'm pretty short) with sad eyes.

" Alex, i swear i didn't know-" he began, then i slapped him in the face. What? He deserved it! After two years of nothing he suddenly shows up at my door with flowers, presents and a puppy-dog face. He sighed, " please, let me explain"

" go on then! I want to know why you IGNORED me for 2 years and suddenly you are at my doorstep!" I yelled at him, oddly enough i wasn't crying. Guess i had done enough of that when he left. Now i'm just furious.

" Someone, guy called Jacob i think, told me that you were going out with Drew now so i thought that you had maybe moved on, even though i hadn't. I only found out that that guy was lying when i got a text from your friend, Olivia, telling me tha truth. Honestly lexy, i seriously didn't know! I-I never stopped loving you... I understand if you don't want me after-" I cut him off by crashing my lips onto his. He dropped the flowers and the bag and grabbed hold of my waist, pulling me closer to him. I run my hands through his hair, smiling through the kiss. Oh how i missed this. We pulled apart after some time, 1: because we had run out of breath and 2: because we heard a camera click go off.

" Paps..." Niall breathed into my ear. His face lit up, like he had a sudden thought. " wanna get outta here? we could go to-"

" -starbucks to talk and nandos to eat. Yeh i like that idea." I smiled i grabbed my purse and the flowers that he got me and he grabbed the bag of presents. We ran to his car, whilst a guy with a camera kept taking pics of us, we made funny faces at the camera and Niall drove off.

The pics would probably be on the news tonight. Everyone would know, even my parents and overly-protective big brother, Jack. But right now, i don't care. I finally have my prince charming back and he has his princess. Starbucks, Nando's, cuddles and movies. Thats what we do every Valentine's day. Thats how it is gonna stay.


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