Valentines day sucks...

Alexander Nottingaze and Niall Horan had been going out ever since they were sixteen. Alex is classified as the most popular and hottest girl in the school. But not to worry she is nice, and so is Niall. Niall leaves her after auditioning for the x-factor and never comes back. So when he turns up on Lexy's doorstep after two years, what will she say? what will she do? In the chapters it explores Lexy and Nialls past life as a couple for two years. Then it will show what they are like now.
yeh this is the worst description ever but i am really tired soo... Please read it!! It should be good pleaseeeee :)


4. Valentines Day 14.02.2010 (Part 1)


My alarm buzzed. And buzzed. And buzzed. Until I couldn't take it no more and slammed it onto the floor. Great I'm gonna need another new alarm clock. They are just so annoying sometimes.

I sighed and got out of bed, heading towards the bathroom. See, our whole family shares one bathroom. Only one. And if I don't get there before my brother does, I might as well skip school. He takes ages. Once I asked him what he does in there and he's just like, "Piss,"

So it takes him 2 flipping hours to piss?? And he complains that I'm wierd.

I rushed into the bathroom when I saw Jack's bedroom door open. I locked the door and sighed in relief. Another day when I win.

I stripped and stepped into the shower. Once I had finished I wrapped a towel around myself and opened the bathroom door, entering my room.

After I made sure that my bedroom door was locked, just in case-last time my brother barged in, it wasn't pretty-I headed to my wardrobe where my new, 'appropriate' uniform was now hanging.

I sighed slipping the uniform on and examined myself in the mirror.


Our new uniform consisted of:


Forest Green checkered skirt

Long-sleeved white school shirt, secondary school type.

Forest Green striped with a darker green tie

White tights or socks (they only sold the frilly school girl socks so I went to Primark and got a few pairs of the Knee-High ones)

Suitable black shoes (I just bought some wedged ankle boots with laces, they'll do right?)

No colourful hair (eg. pink, blue, green, bright red, purple)

Only wear natural make-up


Stupid uniform, I didn't pay any attention to the make-up and hair bit-heh, they wish!

I put dark green wash-off die, in my hair for streaks and added the same colour to my lips, then i put the same colour eyeshadow too.

"Alex! Hurry up!" My brother called from downstairs.

I adjusted my skirt and tie before grabbing my schoolbag and running downstairs to join my brother, he took one look at my outfit and shook his head.

I smirked.

"Come on brother dear, lets go to 'The New and Improved Dublin Secondary School'" i faked a 'Boss' voice at the end.

He chuckled before grabbing his car keys and ushering me into the car.

The car ride was short and silent, not counting the usual bickering we did.

He pulled up in the school carpark, and we both got out of the car.

As per usual he swaggered off to his friends, occasionally winking at some girls, causing them to swoon all over the place.

I rolled my eyes and walked into school, where i met with my own personal 'Fan Club'.

"OhMyGod! Even when you are wearing the same uniform as everyone else you still manage to stand out! How do you do it?" A blonde asked me.

"Uhm well I am wearing rather bold colours-"

"So I bought the new Britney Spears perfume yesterday, what do you think?" Another blonde, Kylie I think?

"I'm not that into Britney, sorry"

That made Kylie burst into tears and run away, screaming about getting the Justin Bieber perume instead.


"OHMYGOD! I AM SO GONNA HAVE TO THROW THAT PERFUME AWAY NOW!" A brunette with a shocked expression on her face shouted to her friend.

"No you don't, it was just my opinion-" I got cut off by the Brunettes friend.

"I told you not to buy it. You should of gotten the Rihanna or Beyonce one"

"No seriously, buy whatever perfume you want. I don't mind!" I protested.

"Yeh but we do!" A ginger retorted, before a shocked and appalled expression crept onto her face.

Everyone was staring at her in disgust.

"N-No I'm so s-s-sorry. I d-didn't mean t-to... f-for-forgive me. Please" Her eyes were big and pleading as she faced me. I swear there were tears in her eyes.

"Hun I was never mad at-"

"HOW DARE YOU!" A petite, yet fiery, cake-faced Asian black-haired girl yelled at the Ginger.

"B-But I'm sorry, I'm having mood swings, I-I would never..."

"Save it, peasant. You are unworthy. Go now, turn your back on us, for we shall turn our backs on you!" The angry Asian girl thundered again.

Before I could get another word in, the Ginger ran away, tears streaming down her face.

"Now that wasn't very-" I got cut off once again, by the Asian girl.

"You are welcome, dear Alexis. Your fellow apprentices will always guard you. We bid you good day now, and we promise that this..." Her eyes blazed with anger, " Atrocious commodity will never take part again. Nor will you find either one of us wearing that wretched Britney Spears perfume ever again."

With that being said, she marched away. The rest of my Fan Club following her, some muttering dirty things about the Ginger, others talking about how to get rid of all their Britney Spears perfume bottles whilst others just say bye to me an move on.

To say I was shocked was undeniable. Never in my life had I seen what had taken part just then. Part of me wanted to be sad for the Ginger and Perfume girl. Another part wanted me to be angry at the petite Asian girl. But I also felt quite scared. This Fan Club had gone way too far. They care about what i wear and think more than themselves. I just witnessed them brush off one of their friends because she said back talked me.

The bell rang and, after deciding that I don't want to be rooted to the spot for any long, I twirled on the spot and headed for my class thinking of my main objectives for today:

1. Find the Ginger and make sure she is okay and to let her know that their shouldn't be any hatred between them.

2. Find the petite, yet fiery Asian girl and make her apologise to the Ginger.

3. Let everyone know that what perfume they wear doesn't matter to her, it is their own opinions that count.

4. Wish everyone a happy Valentines day and hand out the brownies mum made.

5. Open the card that Newbie, Niall Horan gave to me.

6. Find Niall and thank (or murder) him for the card that may (or may not) be thoughtful and kind    (or mean and ruthless)

Either way, I have a feeling this is gonna be a strange day...


YES FINALLY! Whether or not you choose to believe it, I have been trying to write this chapter for 2-3 months! Nothing came up in my head though. Hope you like Valentines Day part 1=]



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