Valentines day sucks...

Alexander Nottingaze and Niall Horan had been going out ever since they were sixteen. Alex is classified as the most popular and hottest girl in the school. But not to worry she is nice, and so is Niall. Niall leaves her after auditioning for the x-factor and never comes back. So when he turns up on Lexy's doorstep after two years, what will she say? what will she do? In the chapters it explores Lexy and Nialls past life as a couple for two years. Then it will show what they are like now.
yeh this is the worst description ever but i am really tired soo... Please read it!! It should be good pleaseeeee :)


3. Temptation kills


I arrived at my house with bags of clothes and dresses for tomorrow night and shoes and make up and what not. Gwen and Beth dropped me off before heading back to their house, they are step-sisters. Since i am the H.G.I.T.S.A.A.P (hottest girl in the school and a popular) i need to actually dress up. The theme for the disco was Masquerade and i couldn't find the right dress. I looked everywhere but they were just too... normal. They were always one colour, no lace, either poofy or slinky...

I dropped my bags onto my bed and made my way downstairs where my mum was cooking dinner.

"did you skip school?" she asked.

"yeh," i sighed,


"someone stereotyped me,"

She smiled, "okay,"

See this is why i love my mum. She understands what it is like to be, well me.She understands that its hard to be taken seriously because of my school status and that she never knows who actually agrees with her when she feels stroingly about things. Most of them just shake their heads like dogs and agree with me. I could say that i'm changing my religion and they would copy me...

"Whats the matter love?" Mum asked, sifting the onions in the pan, we were having Spag Bol tonight, mmm.

"Well you know how the Valentines Disco is tomorrow yeh?"-she nodded-"and that the theme is Masquerade?"-she nodded again-"well, i couldnt find anything! No dress at all. They were all so plain and common and just boring..."

"Hmm yes i know how you feel love, one time your father took me to a dinner place and he told me to dress up in something white and fancy. I couldn't find anything! Thye were all plain looking, so i asked my mother if she had one and she presented me with a nice black and white number, it was beautiful and the night was beautiful too," Mum reminisced, she does that alot. She is such a romantic. So is dad.

"Mum are you trying to tell me something?"I questioned her.

"No-actually yes! Go into my room and open the chest under my bed, there should be a black plastic bag in it. Then bring it down to the living room, i will meet you there."


I did what she asked and by the time i got downstairs to the living room, dinner was set and mum was there waiting, just like she told me.

I sat down next to her on the sofa and handed her the bag.

"This was your Grandma's, there were actual proper masquerades then so this dress is the real deal."

She took a dress out of the bag. I almost cried. It was beautiful.

It was proper victorian, pretty gothic but, beautiful. It was black and blue with bows and ruffles and it looked... divine.

(im really bad at explaining dresses so i just mumble a pic)

"its p-p-perfect, thanks mum!"

"No worries, bub. Now pop that in your wardrobe and come downstairs for dinner okay?"

"Yeh mum," I rushed upstairs.

Once i climbed all the stairs i bumped into Jack, my big brother.

"What are you wearing?" he asked gruffly, disaproving my outfit.

I rolled my eyes inwardly.

"Uh clothes?" i answered, shooting him a 'Duh?' look.

"Yeh well since you skipped school today, you missed assembly," he said.

"Yah and?" i asked, not quite understanding what he was getting at.

"We have until tomorrow morning to get the new school uniform at the nearest shopping centre, it closes at 7. Good luck lil sis," he smirked.

It suddenly dawned on me what he was talking about. We are no longer a non-uniform school. We are now a uniform school. I looked at the clock, 6:30. Lord help me.

I put my new dress in my wardrobe and rushed downstairs to my mums car, grabbing the keys i drove to the nearest shopping centre.

On my way there, i remebered the package that Sir. Niall Horan had given me. it was in my purse, sitting on my lap.

My fingers itched to open them. But i couldnt. 1. I promised him that i would open it tomorrow, i always keep a promise. 2. i am driving and if i do end up getting it out of my bag i would crash the car and kill myself.

I tried to push the package out of my head, but i couldnt. On the rest of the way to the shopping centre my thoughts remained on it. Every second struck me with pain of not getting to open it.

Temptation really does kill sometimes.

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