Valentines day sucks...

Alexander Nottingaze and Niall Horan had been going out ever since they were sixteen. Alex is classified as the most popular and hottest girl in the school. But not to worry she is nice, and so is Niall. Niall leaves her after auditioning for the x-factor and never comes back. So when he turns up on Lexy's doorstep after two years, what will she say? what will she do? In the chapters it explores Lexy and Nialls past life as a couple for two years. Then it will show what they are like now.
yeh this is the worst description ever but i am really tired soo... Please read it!! It should be good pleaseeeee :)


2. 2 years ago...


I opened the front doors and charged through the corridors. I felt everyones eyes on me. Well i wasn't surprised, i had picked my outfit very carefully that day. Simply because that day was Newbie day.

Newbie day is when about 10 new people come to our school for the first time-and there is almost always a hot guy. With black skinney jeans, orange lacy tank top (with a white bra underneath) and killer orange heels, i thought my outfit was quite nice.7

I had also straightened my hair and added orange highlights through it. You know the easy ones where they wash out? I am addicted to them.

Suddenly a whole bunch of annoying chattering girls were behind me as i opened up my locker. I guess this is what you get for being popular. Annoying fake girls who secretly hate you (for some unknown reason) clamouring for your attention. You may think that i am a mean blonde ay? Another fake who sleeps around with anything living and male.

Well you are wrong about that, first off i am brunette. And I think its safe to say that i am one of the nicest girls in the school. I interact with the Emos, Goths, Nerds and Wallflowers. I don't mind having to be partners with someone i don't know or someone who might' ruin my rep'. I'm just like any other normal girl. But you just need to add in the popular bit and hottest-girl-in-the-school bit.

So anyway, i was opening my locker when a whole bunch of annoying, chattering girls came up behind me asking me random questions.

"So like Alex, do you, like, prefer pink over than blue?"

"well i-"

"Oh do you think that Rihannas perfume is better than Christina Aguilara?"

"hmm i don't really kn-"

"Do you think Nick likes me? Only because i like him and he always winks at me..."

"well he does that to everyone but-"

"Are you still a virgin?"

"uhh" i trailed off, seeing my best and one of my only true friends, Gwen smirking at me.

"I uh need to go uh talk to Gwen, catch you later?" i said, talking to no-one in particular.

I caught a few Okay's and Bye's and OMG-SHE-SAID-SHE'D-TALK-TO-US-LATER!!'s, i shook my head grinning to myself as i walked up to Gwen.

"Hey babe, i could see you were busy there so i didn't wanna interupt" she giggled, kissing my cheek.

"Oh hahah, " i sarcastically remarked, "its great to know you are always there for me Gwen, always."

The bell went for first period and i made my way to English class, bidding goodbye to Gwen who was heading for History. You know, school really sucks. I mean seriously.

I walked into my classroom about 5  minutes late but my teacher, Mr.Heathrow (yeh like the airport hahah) completely dotes me!

He is my neighbour and his wife and him are so cute together. They are both in their 60's but Mr. Heathrow is one of the best teachers we have. He only gives us work and lets us get on with it. Then he leaves the classroom and goes to help the caretaker with the gardening. He says that he trusts us and that we work way more better if we have fun. So thats what we do. Do our work (sometimes) whilst talking an generally mucking about. Most of the nerds do there work first, so they have more time to muck around, yet still get good grades. Thats what i do.

"Hi sir, sorry i'm late but-" i start but he cut me off.

"no need, no need my dear Alexander. I was just about to go anyway. Today we are going to write a love poem on a valentines card and give it to someone in the class. Oh but before i go, i must ask you for a favour."

"yes sir?" i question.

"well i was wondering if you could just look after one of our Newbies-thats what you call them right?- uh anyway yes, his name is uhm Niall Horan," -he looked over to a blonde boy sitting at one of the desks, chatting to a few of the jocks-" Niall my boy come here for a second, theres a chap"

'Niall' came over to us and Mr. Heathrow introduced us before leaving to do some more gardening, probably.

"so" he started.

I giggled, " so, i see you've made friends with the jocks?"

"huh? oh yeah, they are great. The others are too. I just recently made friends with this guy called Simon." he replied.

"Oh Simon! Yeh he's a cutie..." I trailed off.

Niall was just about to say something when Nick dropped by and put his arm around my waist.

"Well hello there Little Lexy,"

I chuckled, " hey Nicky"

"I don't know if i have told you this but did you know that-"

"Lexy rhymes with Sexy and Sex and Lex go good together so we should make that happen some time?" I cut him off.

"yehh i already said that didnt i?" he flushed. Even if he was a complete douchebag he was still a good friend.

"yup, and i have already said this Nick, no. But there was this girl who told me she liked you, i think it was either Rhiannon or Barbara. Wait Barbara has a boyfriend so it has to be Rhiannon. Ask her out." I told him.

"Uhmm okay, bye babe"

"bye Nick" i rolled my eyes at him.

I looked back at Niall who looked a bit confused at that conversation.

finally he spoke up, surprising me with what he said.

"Wait you're Alexander Nottingaze?"

"Uhh yeh"

"The uhm Hottest girl in the school?" He blushed

"Uh i guess so,"

"The most popular girl in the school even though you aren't a senior?"


"But you said Simon was a cutie, was that just a joke. Were you teasing him?!" He demanded, anger showing in his face.

"What no?!" I was surprised by his outburst.

"Oh yeh right then what about"-he looked around and grabbed Jonah, putting him in front of me-"what about him eh?! Bet your gonna make up some mean names for him he?!"

If you are wondering why he grabbed Jonah, its because he was the uhm Fat kid in the class i guess, but he is great! He is legit one of my bestest friends. Simon is my nerdy friend who i love to bits. Gwen is my girlfriend. Beth is my very own Goth, she is awesome.

"Actually no i wouldnt, i would slap you for grabbing onto his collar and give him a big hug, wouldn't i Ginger?"

"Yeh, hey-" Ginge (my nickname for Jonah, he is a Ginger)



Everyone looked at us.  I had never  been that mad before. Ever.

Niall released Jonah and Jonah gave me a quick hug before making his way towards Simon, who was also in this class.

I looked at everyone, "go on, carry on with your busy lives leave me alone for once."

They all started talking again and i looked back at Niall who had a guilty expression on his face.

"You know," i spoke quietly, " just because i am the hottest girl in the school, doesnt mean that i am a slut. Just because i am popular, doesnt mean i am cruel. You should stop stereotyping people, its rude and hurtful," i added before heading back to my seat. He tried to make conversation with me many times but i just ignored him. I worked on my valentines card.

When i finished i leaned back and went on my phone.

"Who's that for?" Drew (one of the Jocks and another one of my besties)

"My cat" i grumbled, scrolling through my twitter.

"yeh yeh sure, if its really for your cat then you wouldn't mind me reading it?"

I ignored him. He cleared his throat.

"ahem," He announced, "this is Lexy's love poem about her cat, Doug,"

"its Thug, not Doug!" i protested

"yeh yeh yeh, i still don't understand why you called an innocent cat Thug." he asked

"because i was six and i looked up pictures of cats and it came up with a ginger one in mini Trackies and a Hoodie, and it said thug." i answered

"soo?" he dumbed (dumbed is not a word, i say it when someone is saying something in a dumb voice)

"so, my cat was Ginger and it looked exactly like the cat in the picture so i called it Thug and Thug stuck with me."

"weirdo kid" he muttered

"wierdo teen" i muttered back

He grinned at me, "anywayy ahem, here goes:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

You are my kittehkat

And i love you

classic much?" he smirked.

"neh its still a poem," i remarked.

The bell rang so I grabbed my bag and walked out of the classroom. I made my way to maths, but someone stopped me. This someone grabbed my arm. I turned around and it turned out to be The jerkface Niall Horan.

"what do you want?!" i snapped at him.

He looked guiltily at me and handed me an envelope before slinking away.

It had "OPEN ON VALENTINES DAY" marked on the cover. Well valentines day was tomorrow. And so was the Valentines disco. I went every year, simply because i had no boyfriend to stay at home with, or go on a date with. Fine, Mr. Horan, I'll open this envelope tomorrow. But right now i am too pissed to stay at school.

I spotted Beth and Gwen heading out of History, I grabbed their arms and pulled them to a side.

"lets go shopping now, school is getting boring and i'm pissed" i whispered to them.

They grinned, " we thought you'd never ask," Beth whispered back and we slunk out of school and into our cars and raced eachother to the Shopping Centre.

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