Sixteen year old reporter Natalia Moore is assigned to write a column about the famous band; One Direction. What once started out as an interview given by a bitch named Alesha Bulr, somehow ends up as a romantic story that winds up taring Natalia apart, left and right. Feelings got the best of her. Now things are a bit messy.


1. Assignment

My heart raced. I watched as my hand started to fiddle around with the pencil I had in my hand, twirling it around. It seemed as if I stared at it for hopeless hours, never to escape from this prison. Truly, I don't understand sometimes why they don't send us to jail for seven ours a day and then left us go home. I mean, it would be a lot better.

   I was to busy to notice when Alesha entered the room. The door slammed, which made me flinch, getting my attention. Looking up from my seat, I came face to face to Alesha. She glared at me, which I only happily returned the favor back.

"Look," She said, dropping a file on my desk. On the front cover was a picture of the famous band One Direction. I stared blankly at Niall and Louis. In my opinion, both were cute. Suddenly I jerked by head back up. Alesha only glared, her eyes narrowing.

"Do you know this band?" I replied with a quick, confident "yes." Alesha nodded. She suddenly ducked down under the desk, rummaging in the top drawer. Another file quickly appears in her hands, then ended up on the desk in front of me. My hands reached out pick up the heavy file. I flipped though the pages. Mostly questions about nothing. My ears perked up, seeming to catch on that Alesha was growling. Not sure about what, I couldn't quite make out.

"They have a concert in Boston coming up, no to far away from the here." She said, almost questioningly. Her black, cold eyes scanned me.

"Yeah, I know. What about it?" She shook her head, laughing. I saw a grin creep upon her face.

"That's were you come in. You are to go to that concert Saturday night at exactly 7:00pm sharp. I can't make it, or I would go. You are to interview the band. Understood?" I was about to ask how the hell was this bitch going to sneak me back there, when she caught me off, handing me a front row ticket and a backstage pass. My insides screamed. She probably stole these, but I knew better than to question her methods. I nodded, watching Alesha shoo me away.

"That's all for now. Be gone." Ass, I thought. I got up and left the stuffy room we call an office. It wasn't the best, since the school doesn't have enough money to get a really office for us.

    The next few days seem to fly bye. Every day was the same thing. Meeting up with Kayla and Elizabeth at lunch, then heading off to my fifth period class. After school, Alesha would remind me over and over again about the concert. She bugged me enough as it is. I really couldn't take this anymore. Finally, before I knew it, Saturday was here. It was about 4:30pm when I started to get ready for the concert. I placed my ticket and my pass on the dresser and slipped on a tight, light blue tang-top and some ripped, white, super skinny jeans. I destroyed my closet trying to find my White Converse that would complete the look. I slipped them on and walked into the bathroom to fix my hair. I teased it and brushed the remaining hair out. I looked pretty good like that, considering I was told over and over again to look acceptably nice and that I had no make-up on. Not like I was really trying to impress anyone.

   I had a good few ours before the concert started, so I just sat on my computer meeboing with Elizabeth. I looked down at the clock. 6:30pm. I quickly said goodbye and slowly closed my computer lid and walked down the stairs, with my pass and ticket in my hand. I grabbed my keys off the counter and a bottle of water. I flinched at how cold the water was. I walked outside, shutting the door and making my way to the flashy, silver, sports car that I call mine. I buckled up and started the car.

   As I pulled out of the loop we live in, I was running a few minuets late. I shrugged it off. As I was driving, the smell of salt overwhelmed the air. I took small sips of my water while stopping at red lights. Time didn't seem impressed. I was running ten minuets late. I quickly parked my car and got out. I ran to were a bunch of fans where screaming. I quickly handed the guy my ticket and he let me pass. Lucky for me, I got there just as we started. The band members opened up with "Live While We're Young" and ended with  "Kiss You", one of my favorite songs. The concert lasted a good two hours before they let people started going backstage. I walked backstage were I showed the guy my pass. He nodded, letting me go pass him. I found a room that had a huge star on it. If this wasn't the room, I wouldn't know which is.

   As I'm opening the door, I shield my eyes from the bright light that greeted me welcoming. My vision returned and I could see a bit better. 

"Are you One Direction?"

Note from the author: Hey guys! This is my first story on here, so I don't expect it to be amazing. All comments are welcomed. c:

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