New Meaning To Cleaning

This is for the One Direction Valentine's Day One Shots Contest. It's Valentines Day, and Louis and I are cleaning. Fun right? Apparently not to Louis, so he tries to spice up the idea of cleaning, or do we make even more of a mess? Find out in this one shot!


1. Valentine's Day

"Come on babe! We ave been cleaning all day! Louis complained, saying it loud enough to be heard over the vacuum noises. Louis is my boyfriend of 4 years. "The house needs to be cleaned though" I shouted back, not turning my focus from the lint-filled carpets. Almost immediately, I felt strong, defined arms wrap around my waist. I looked down, giggling, and saw a pair of TOMS pressing the button to turn off the vacuum. "There are so much better things we can do together. It will definitely be more fun. Especially on Valentine's Day" Louis whispered into my ear with a husky voice. Pouting, I turned around in his arms, trying to keep a straight face. "I thought you loved cleaning!" I said, almost cracking a smile. Truth is, I hated cleaning too, but it had to be done. "Oh yeah, totally! It would only be the slightest bit interesting if you had less on than those sweats" Louis said winking. "Because I would totally do that for you" I said, with a wink. "Fine, let's do something else though. Something more fun!" Louis said, lounging out on the clean couch.

Around an hour later, the house was just as of a mess as it was before we started cleaning. "You made a mess of this floor! Look how much flour and crap is on the floor!" I complained. "We will clean it up later. I am having lots of fun!" Louis said, mixing the bowl of blueberry muffins, splattering flour all over himself and more on the floor. "Okay, okay. Is there anything more romantic to do? I mean like, it IS Valentine's Day after all. Maybe we should make it a little more romantic?" I asked, a hint of gesture in my voice as I hip bumped Louis slightly. "Yeah good idea" Louis said, dipping his fingers in the batter and smudging it across my cheek and lips. "You did not!" I yelled. "I did" Louis whispered while leaning in. He left a sweet yet passionate and quick, yet lingering kiss upon my lips. "Mmmm these are going to be some good muffins" Louis said, licking his lips. "Yet you missed a lot more all over the rest of my face" I said, pointing out to the smear of batter across my face. "I volunteer as tribute to take it off!For Narnia!" Louis said, putting down the bowl and slamming into me, leaving a wet trail of kisses across my face. The whole time I was giggling, since he did it with such urgency, and nerdyness, but it was still cute. "I think you're good now..." Louis said, pulling away, but still grinding his hips up against mine. I was trapped in his hold, my back against the island. "Well, let's put the muffins in the oven, then watch a movie?" I asked, bending down to get a muffin pan out of the cabinet. "Yeah, I'll go set up a movie upstairs in bed" Louis said, taking a quick exit and running up the stairs. I shook my head, smirking and used an ice cream scoop to scoop the batter into the muffin pan.

Louis came running back down stairs a little to excitedly. "Babbbeee I'm readddyyyyy" Louis said, crashing into me. We both fell with a oof and Louis was on top of me. He gave me a quick peck and helped me up. "Great, now I have a bunch of flour all on my back" I said, trying to pat it off. "Ehh it's all good. Just take it off and we will throw it in the wash. It will be too hot under the covers upstairs anyways" Louis said, winking into it. Walking upstairs, I took off my shirt and stripped off my sweats. I was just in underwear and my sports bra, and Louis in just his boxers. Louis and I don't mind, we do this all the time. Throwing all of our clothes in the washer machine, we decided to go upstairs. Opening the door, I started laughing, because of child hood memories, and smirking, because it was perfect. It was childish, and quirky, just like our relationship.

Draping in between our bed and the drawers of the dresser were the bed sheets. Stuffed inside an assortment of pillows. This was a perfect and comfy fort. Set up inside the fort was a pile of movies and Louis' MacBook, ready to watch a movie. "It's perfect" I whispered, turning to Louis and giving him a quick peck before crawling inside the fort. Picking the perfect Valentine's Day movie, Valentine's Day, we both cuddled with the laptop on my lap. Louis kept on sneaking kisses onto my neck and jawline the whole time.

Throughout the entire movie, something was digging into my back. I decided to brush it off, thinking I only felt that because we were on the floor. When the credits starting rolling on the screen, I still felt the stabbing pain in my back. Getting up, I felt around under the pillow, and pulled out a tiny little box. "What's this?" I asked, opening up the box. There was a beautiful engagement ring inside.

Louis took the ring from the box, grabbed my hand, and led me outside the fort. We both stood up, but I had to look up to his face, since he was like 6 in. taller than me. He got down on one knee and I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. "You know, I always felt inferior to you. You are beautiful, smart, and just all around a gorgeous person in which I love. We have been together for 4 grateful, unbelievably amazing years, and I want to continue that. Only in the years to come, I want to be more than just your boyfriend. I want to live through the future years as spouses, husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson, 5 ever. That's longer than forever" Louis exclaimed, smirking a little. I giggled at the last part, because it was so cute. "So will you forever and always be mine? Kiss me at the end of the alter to start a new beginning?" Louis asked. "Yes of course" I whispered, bringing him up to his feet. He slipped the ring on my left ring finger, kissing me passionately. This was the best feeling ever. Knowing I could have someone there for me always, it's indescribable. Although they were tears of happiness, they still flooded from my eyes as we continued to kiss and watch movies for the rest of the night.

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