Summer Love

Three best friends Erika,Brianna, and Kristina live in London and are number 1 fans of One Direction! They are finally going to be able to see One Direction in person. They got VIP tickets! But they accidently run into them at Nandos. When they meet them and start to hang out a mystery happens! How will these girls react!? And these girls all have their own little secret. Will they come back and haunt them?


3. The Questions

Brianna's POV:

When I heard that Louis asked Kristina out I was kind of jealous that Niall didn't  ask me out. But on the other hand he did give me his number. He told me to just call him or text him when I got bored or I was in a sad mood. He is such a nice guy. I just wished he asked me out.

Harry's POV:

Since I over heard what Louis and Erika's friend were talking about and how Louis asked her out, I decided to do the same.  "Umm....." I said. "Yess Harry?" she asked. "Umm, w-would you umm w-want to umm go out sometime?" She stood frozen. I thought i freaked her out in a bad way. She was speechless! "Are you ohkayy there love" I asked her. "Ohhh yeah umm!!!! Of course I will !!!!!!" she said. I was so happy! she is so amazing! The way her dark brown hair flows over her shoulders and her greenish blueish eyes sparkle when you stare into them. She's just perfect!

Niall's POV:

When the boys and I had to leave Nandos, they started talking about how great Erika and Kristina were. I was about to yell out that Brianna was wayy better but that would be rude! But it's true she was! It's just amazing the way her brown wavey hair goes down and it's just amazing!  They started to talk about how they were going to go on dates and I felt bad that I didn't ask Brianna out! So i decided to text her.

To: Brianna <3

Heyy there love. I just wnna ask you if it would be alright if I can take you out on a date? If you don't want to that's fine. -Nialler

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