Summer Love

Three best friends Erika,Brianna, and Kristina live in London and are number 1 fans of One Direction! They are finally going to be able to see One Direction in person. They got VIP tickets! But they accidently run into them at Nandos. When they meet them and start to hang out a mystery happens! How will these girls react!? And these girls all have their own little secret. Will they come back and haunt them?


5. The nights

Niall's Pov:

I got ready in my jeans,blue shirt,and my shoes. It was 6:30. I think I will be going already, dont wanna be late. I got out of the house. Nobody was here. Louis and Kristina went on ther date and so did Harry and Erika. I guess Zayn and Liam went to get some food. Yea so I was heading out when I forgot my phone. I went back inside and got my phone. I went back outside. I was driving when I got to her house 10min. later i rung the door bell, and waited until I saw Brianna. She was so beautiful with her brown wavy hair and her beautiful ocean blue eyes she was the one i know it.I said ''Hey there beautiful ''I started to see her blush and smile then she said'' Heyy there Nialler'' Then we bothed walked out together then i asked ''Where do u wanna go??"She said "I dont know''I said ''You wanna go to a carnival???" She had a big smile and nodded. We went walking. We were just talking as we waked in the the carnival. I asked "What you wanna do first??" She pointed towards the roller coaster. It was huge. She ran towards it as I was following behind. We were next in line. When we got in, she looked really scared.  We went in circles and stuff like that. When we got off and she wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel but i promised her that we will go at the end so we went to play some games. I saw a big bear and thought I could win it because she wanted it. I through the darts in the three ballons and got the bear I passed it to her. She hugged me tight. She was saying thank you.,and I said your welcome. So we were about to leave when we saw the Ferris Wheel. We went on it. We were going up because the people needed to go on the bottom we were on the top. As I turned to her and saw her beautiful eyes glowing I wish I can just kiss her already. She turned to me and we stared at each other for about 1min. When I realized we were leaning in I finally felt her lips touch mine. We stayed like that for about 1min. When I pulled away i said ''Will you be my girlfriend??'' She had a smile on her face and said ''YESS!!'' She hugged me tight and I hugged her back. We were getting of the Ferris Wheel hand in hand. We went home and I asked her to sleep over at my flat. She said, "Yes" I gave her some clothes to sleep in. A few minutes later she was asleep.

Erika's Pov:

I couldnt belive that Harry just asked m-me out Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Im so happy!! He said that he will be at my house at 8:00! It is 7:00! Have to get ready. I got my outfit took a shower. I put on my blue hollister shorts and an orange t-shirt. I was so nervous. As soon as I was doing my hair, I heard a knock on the door. I went to see who it was and it was Harry!! He was in his jeans with a button shirt, When we got in the car i asked him where we were going. He wouldn't tell me!! I asked him like 100 times and he won't tell me ughh... Well when the car stopped we were in the mountains but he said to put on the blind fold so, I did. He was helping me because obviously I couldn't see. So when we stopped he took of the blind fold and we were in a meadow. He had a picnic set up and it was near a lake. It was perfect,and beautiful. He said to sit down as I sat I said ''This is beautiful'' Then he said ''Not as beautiful as you'' I felt myself blushing. Harry is so perfect. When we finished eating we laid back and stared at the stars in the sky. ''It is very cool out here'' I said ''Yeah thats why I took you out here' 'Me and Harry were just talking about ourselves. I could tell that he was the one. We had so many things in common, like we both like turtles and other things. He was perfect for me. He was funny,cute,and I just like him so much, not just because he is in a band but his personality and yea. He was really cute. We continued to talk and talk about our life and stuff like that. He then said my name ''Erika??'' ''Yeah Harry??''"w-will y-you u-umm be my girlfriend?"

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