Summer Love

Three best friends Erika,Brianna, and Kristina live in London and are number 1 fans of One Direction! They are finally going to be able to see One Direction in person. They got VIP tickets! But they accidently run into them at Nandos. When they meet them and start to hang out a mystery happens! How will these girls react!? And these girls all have their own little secret. Will they come back and haunt them?


4. The dates

Brianna's pov:

When i was about to go in my house i got a text...


Heyy there love. I just wnna ask you if it would be alright if i can take you out on a date?If you don't want to thats fine. -Nialler

Am i dreaming or Niall just ask me out AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! i replied to his text.


Ummm...No shit!!!!...Of course i will!!!!!...When would you want to go???

A few minutes later i got a text


haha...Thats great and wat bout we go tonight at 7:00???


hehe... kk sounds good see u then ;)<3

OMG did i just put a heart omg what will he think... dammit!!

i heard my phone buzz and i got a message


alright...;) <3

OMG Niall is so awesome!!!!...he put a heart to!!!!!

OMG its 5:50 needa change ahhh! I went to pick an outfit which was short shorts,some pretty shirt,and my high top converse then I went to take a shower for about 30min.I got out put on my undergarments and them my outfit I put on makeup and curled my hair and I saw the clock it was 6:55 and then I heard the door ring I went to open it and saw Niall...




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