Summer Love

Three best friends Erika,Brianna, and Kristina live in London and are number 1 fans of One Direction! They are finally going to be able to see One Direction in person. They got VIP tickets! But they accidently run into them at Nandos. When they meet them and start to hang out a mystery happens! How will these girls react!? And these girls all have their own little secret. Will they come back and haunt them?


2. Nandos

Kristina's Pov:

When we finished ordering our food we looked at Erika who looked like she was gonna pass out. Me and Brianna looked at each other and confusingly. I said "Erika are you alright , love "she looks at me and screams. Me and Brianna closed our ears. I looked at Brianna and said "Damn this girl can scream!" Erika says "LOOK BEHIND YOU!" Me and Brianna turned around and saw OMFG ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They looked at us and smile Louis smiles at me I belive Niall and Harry are lookinG at Brianna and Erika. We started to talk to each other. Me and Louis were talking. We go to know each other. He seemed really amazing but, when I was talking to him I was really interested in him,because he has an interesting family. He was really nice and talked more. He was smiling at me and finally when he said I am also single, I quickly looked up and smiled and he said, ''Wanna hang sometime?" I said  "Of course when??" He looked at me and said "What bout tomorrow??" I said "Sounds good! Pick me up at 7:00" He says "Ohhkayy be ready!"

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