Summer Love

Three best friends Erika,Brianna, and Kristina live in London and are number 1 fans of One Direction! They are finally going to be able to see One Direction in person. They got VIP tickets! But they accidently run into them at Nandos. When they meet them and start to hang out a mystery happens! How will these girls react!? And these girls all have their own little secret. Will they come back and haunt them?


1. Free at Last

Brianna's POV:

I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping. I was so happy that today is the last day of school. I jumped out of bed in my shorts and a tanktop. I was turning on the water to take a shower when I got a call from my best friend Erika. When  I answer the phone I just here Erika screme "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" I GOT ME YOU AND KRISTINA ONE DIRECTION CONCERT TICKETS AND VIP!!!!!" I was in shock by what she said. I didnt know what to say! I just started crying in joy. "Are you ohkayy love?" she asked me. "YESS!!! I'M FINE!!! NO WAIT I'M FANTASTIC!" I replied to her. "Ohkayy well I just thought I would tell you when your at home so we don't start freaking out at school and people think we are weirder than what they think already!!" Erika said. "haha what a wonderful idea! Well I'm gnna get ready to go to school. See you then?" I asked. "Yes Bri see you there." When I got out of the shower I put on my green short-shorts my blue tanktop and my black high-top converse . When I jumped into my car I got a call from my other best friend Kristina. "Heyy girlfriend!" I joked around. "Haha heyy Bri, did Erika tell you what she got us!!?" Kristina replied enthusiastically. "YESSS!!!! SHE IS LIKE THE MOST AMAZING FRIEND EVER!!!" i said. "I know right!" Kristina scrame! "haha so i'll see you at school." I announced. "Mkayy my friend!" Kristina laughed.

Erika's POV:

When we all arrived at school we started freaking out!! The girls both gave me big hugs to say thank you! After school we decided to go to Nandos!

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