Lindsay, a Notre Dame University graduate, drags along three of her friends for a fun, end-of-the-year journey. She forgets to mention that she is trying to dig up the mysteries of her past. Oh well. They'll get with the program soon enough.


5. Chapter 4

            It was the first crack of dusk that they arrived at their destination. Standing in the outbreaks of a town in God-knows-where, it was a crummy building, with white paint chipping and roof shingles crumbling, but Lindsay beamed with pride when she saw it.

            “Oh, it’s just splendid!” She exclaimed, in a voice quite unlike her own. The boys looked at her, faces mixed with uncertainty, and gave very unenthusiastic replies, which somehow Lindsay mistook for excitement. “It’s not much, but it’s home!” And Laurence recognized the tone as one filled with nostalgia. There they stood on the muddy remains of a road, staring at the beaten structure, waiting for some wispy figure to fly out of the roof screeching abhorrent language.

            “It’s certainly not much…” Tommy gave a low whistle. Before Lindsay could utter retaliation, the door was swung ajar. In brown pants overflowing with, well, her legs, a bulging sweater, a filthy apron plastered to her body, and a large curly brown wig, so obvious it screamed ‘I-don’t-give-a-baloney-sausage-about-what-you-think-so-mind-your-manners’, was the largest woman they had ever seen.

            “Martha!” Lindsay beamed, running up and jumping into the woman’s open arms, almost teary with happiness. Tommy, Laurence, and Jack just stood there, awkwardly rigid.

            “You guys gonna’ be strangers or what?” Martha eyed them suspiciously, until Laurence came up, taking her hand and shaking it vigorously.

            “I’m Laurence, this is-“

            “Sonny, you better let them speak for themselves.” She said bluntly, and Laurence looked like he had been slapped in the face. And so, in almost an assembly line, they introduced themselves in the darkening skies, shaking hands. “Well, instead of us dining out here in the dark, how about we go somewhere a bit more comfortable.” Martha said. They nodded their heads, knowing they didn’t have much of a choice.

            “Wow… now I know where Lindsay gets her attitude from.” Tommy whispered into Laurence’s ear. Unfortunately, Lindsay overheard and was quick to smack him upside his head, making up for the earlier lost opportunity. And so, they trotted up the steps to the doorway, lugging behind their belongings, and crammed into the doorway.

            From what Laurence observed, the original assessment of the house was proved wrong with the interior; the walls were a warm orange, rustic wooden furniture was thoughtfully placed throughout the room, and from the entrance, you could see the kitchen, a boiling pot atop the stove. A wonderful aroma had permeated throughout the room, and he just stood in the doorway, admiring… everything!

            “Don’t be too quick to judge sonny,” Martha said, noticing his smiling face, “but the guest rooms aren’t so nice. In fact, you’re going to have to share a room with your friends here since there isn’t much room in this place…” Laurence’s smile suddenly turned to an expression of pure horror. 

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