Diamond In The Rough

Melanie Rodas (played by Ariana Grande) is an outcast. But only because she makes herself that way. She has one friend, Jennifer Orellana, who has always been there for her through her problems. Tragedy hits, and Melanie's 'problem' becomes an addiction- an obsession. One day, a certain boy steps into her life, and Melanie is faced with a problem she has never been faced with- love. But this boy won't even glance because of her addiction, so she goes to her for help. Melanie is a diamond in the rough that needs help and care,
and Love.
Follow along through the journey of Liam and Melanie, as they go through heartache, and love, pain and pleasure, but most of all
Being Together.


1. ¢нαρтєя σηє



Chapter One

            Melanie quietly searched her house. “As the stars shine deep in the night sky, as the sun sets, way above the clouds, as the world spins time and time again, look at myself, wondering where I’ve been…” she quietly sang. “City to city boy one night with you is all I’ve got to give-“her voice was interrupted. “MELANIE?!?!” she winced and stepped into the room closest to her and slipped under the bed. “MELANIE!” her father’s voice boomed through the house. More lyrics of songs slipped from her mouth and she waited quietly. She suddenly stopped when she heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

“MELANIE! COME OUT NOW!” Melanie stayed quiet. She knew if she stayed quiet enough he would just go back to the bar for the rest of the night. She winced as he walked into room she was in… “Melanie?” he whispered. She scooted closer under the bed in the darkness. No sound came from under the bed. Make no sudden movement. She thought to herself. “Good for nothing little girl…” She heard her father whisper. She held her breath and listened. He was gone within another heartbeat and once she knew it was safe Melanie came out from under the bed. “I’d buy a big where, we both could live.” Lyrics sprang from her mouth. She walked back into the hallway and into her bedroom. She opened her window, breathing in the fresh air of Spain. “The house is empty; one drink won’t hurt.”

She didn’t just have one drink. She had two more, and then three more. And by the bottom of the bottle, Melanie was on the floor in sobs, her body shaking, as if in convulsions. The sadness, and grief and anger washed over her and it was as if she was drowning in it. “Why’d you take her from me God? Was it necessary for you to take her? Why couldn’t it be me, and not her?” She said to the ceiling of her room. She didn’t care that her dad was home. She didn’t care that he had just walked into her room. She didn’t know that her dad was coming in her room to be in grief with her. Two deaths in one month were sometimes too much for two people. Now Melanie’s dad, Jose, only lost one person. His dear and caring wife Michelle; someone who was there to keep him balanced. The horrible beast of cancer took her life away and she had left too young. Jose enveloped his young 18 year old daughter into a hug and tears fell down his face. He stroked her hair, that was long and brown and curly that fell to her waist; his tears soaking it.

Now Melanie, that’s a different story. As her mother left her life, a mother that was like no other. A mother that was more of a best friend, and a sister to Melanie, but at the same time, Michelle was Melanie’s mother all the same. Melanie trusted her mother so much, and she knew so many things about Melanie, and she was taking them to her grave. But her mother was not the only person that Melanie had lost. She lost Jennifer Orellana, her best friend since birth. It was the worst day in Melanie’s life, and it is something that she knows will haunt her forever.


“I swear to you Melanie!” “Oh whatever Jennifer, I don’t believe a word.” “Can we just go and find out!” Jennifer asked through the telephone. “No Jennifer. My mom is really sick today and I need to take care of her.” “Fine Melanie, but I’m already…” Suddenly the other side of the telephone went silent. “Jennifer? Jennifer?” Screams and shouts were followed, chaos ripped through wherever Jennifer was. Panic rushed through Melanie, and then she heard a gunshot; then silence.

-End of Flashback-

Maybe if she had gone to hang out with Jennifer that day she wouldn’t have gotten shot; five times; in the chest. Jennifer was something that God sends to you; an angel that is there to give you the perfect advice, and the perfect encouragement. And then within the blink of an eye, she was gone. Jose stayed with his daughter in his arms, and sleep overcame their bodies, and they both fell asleep, into a world where everything was okay, but in reality;

Nothing was.

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