my one and only (valentines day competition of 1D)

How come you picked me? Out of all of the girls in the world why me. But i love you to death and i don't know how i deserved you my one and only Louis William Tomlinson.


1. Surprise!! And Happily ever after

My point of view

Ahhh today is the day of love and romance, Valentines day. That day i woke up all tired because my I phone went alarm with a text message. -The Tommo ;):" Hey  my Carrot princess, meet me in the park and oh yeah wear that dress i got you a couple of weeks ago. 12:45 don't be late love, Ill be waiting, love you"

GRRRR he knows i don't like getting up in the morning, oh well. I just love him to much. Wait, what time is it? i quickly run to my bed stand and check my phone.... 11:45!!! IM GOING TO BE LATE! I rush to my closet and get the red dress that's knee length and is those one shoulder kind of dress, it has on the neckline " the tommo is the greatest". On the lower part it has black ruffles that are soo cute. For the accessories i get the heart shaped necklace that my great grandmother gave me before she died, i adjust the promise ring that's on my right hand on my middle finger, Yes a couple of weeks ago on one of our dates on a rowboat Louis just threw it at me! I know random right. But i accepted it right away. Anyways, i quickly put everything on and put a hint of makeup on...... PERFECT! I go downstairs and quickly check the time... 11:55 Right on time with a couple of minutes to spare.

I go to the washroom and quickly curl my hair and put a carrot hair bow on. I run to the door and open the door, who cares about my shoes I'm getting late! I start to jog to our secret place in he park around the corner from my house. That place is where me and Louis met. I remember it like yesterday


Why did mom and dad think i came back home drunk! Some men came and stole all of my money! I need to go to my hiding spot in the park. (couple minutes at the park hiding spot) . " Mommy, Daddy why did you kick me outside of OUR home! Whyyyyyyy", "Hello is anybody there??? I will throw a carrot at you!!" " Don't worry m-m-my name i-is...."

*End of flashback*

Me and Louis got to know each other better at the park but unfortunately he did hit me with a carrot. It hurt but i love him like that! He was the one that helped me get a job and help me stand on my two feet. In the between that process we developed feelings for each other and that's how we became the most cutest couple of our time. I finally got to our hiding spot in the park and i couldn't believe my eyes! The boys we're in black tuxedos and Louis was in a black tuxedo but had a carrot bow tie to match my hairpin. LLN! ( It was still autumn in London) Also the boys we're singing  Last first kiss  and the girls we're wearing different dresses.

Perrie wore a pink dress that was up to her knees too and it was a soft fabric, it had a white bow on the right side of her hip. Danielle wore a purple dress that was up to her ankles and it fitted her perfectly, it has on her arms too and that part was white laced. Ronni, Harry's girlfriend wore a blue dress that was up to her ankles and she looked stunning in it!

There were 2 chairs and there was a table too with a vase and red roses in it. On the trees there we're snowflakes. Aww Louis remembers that i always wanted it to snow in the autumn time! This couldn't get any better!

"Carrot princess ever since i saw you here 2 years ago i wanted to take you home right away and call you mine! I love you to death, you are imperfect and i love you because of that. You are the most beautifulest person on earth! No offense girls..." " *all together* none taken" ' and i have waiting all my life to say these 4 four words to say to you" Then Louis gets down on his right knee. OH MY GOSH IS HE..!!" Carrot princess will you please be the honer of being mine. Will you marry me?" " Oh my goodness Louis! YES YESSS!!! Oh i mean Yeah sure...(< She says in a cool voice) NOT !IM SO HAPPY LOUIS! You are the one and only that i will always love. But why me? Out of all of the girls in the world why me Louis William Tomlinson?" " SERIOUSLY!! I JUST EXPLAINED THAT BEFORE IM TOO LAZY TO DO IT ALL AGAIN!! Will you just come to the table and eat cake with me Mrs.Tomlinson?"


" And that's how your father proposed to me children. Now Angelica, Brandon go to bed or...." "Or what will you do to us Mommy?" Angelica asks me in a sweet voice. "Not me you guys you better watch out for..."

"TOMMO THE ANGRY GIANT!!! I WANT YOU ALL TO GO TO SLEEP OR I WILL EAT YOU!! RAAAAWR!!"  Louis runs up to us but he accidentally slips on a tiny red Lamborghini and falls on his back. I quickly run up to him and ask him "Are you ok?" He just grins and replies " For a woman in her thirty s you are very fast!" Then he pecks me on the lips. " I love you" " I love you too" I reply to him with a cheeky grin.

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