Wrists Like Paper

Alexandria or Alex as she preferred to be called, has been spending her teenage years using her wrists as careless pieces of paper. Cut after cut she made her wrists into works of art. People look at her wrists and notice the cuts but they wouldn't say anything. That's what irritated her the most. The fact that they wouldn't say anything. If they noticed why didn't they say anything, tell her everything that's wrong with her, tell her what they think, just to say anything. All she wanted. Just for someone to actually tell her what they thought. Don't just stare at her like shes a freak tell her something! But what will happen when she meets Harry Styles? Will he help her? Will he tell her what he's thinking? Will he fall in love with the girl with paper for wrists?


6. The Concert and Back Stage

  It was dark. Millions of screaming girls were all around Ginny and I. Then there was a moment of complete silence when the lights on the stage turned on. Just then the moment was ruined by and eruption of screams. The boys stepped on stage. Liam started with "London are you ready to rock?". Then the girls in the crowd erupted in screams. Then rock me started playing and it was very loud where we were sitting. I loved it. Ginny was screaming and the boys saw her. Then Harry saw me and started singing his part in rock me. I laughed because of what the boys were doing to the music. Louis was hip trusting, Niall was doing some crazy dance, Liam was making funny faces, Zayn was lip singing along to harry and being dramatic about it. This was it, alright. The highlight of my life. What about Harry though? If I kill myself tonight, I can never go out with him. Oh well, its not like it would last. For now I'll just sing along to the music.

   **After the concert**

  I held Ginny's hand so she didn't get lost in the crowd of girls. Finally, when it was our turn, we walked up to them and handed them our CD's. "Hey, wait for us, don't leave", Harry said. "Okay". We went down the line and all the boys gave me weird looks. "What?", I asked. "Nothing", Louis said. Then Ginny and I walked out of the signing area. I walked her to the bathroom and stood outside the stall while she did her business. I looked in the mirror, no wonder the boys had been giving me looks. All my makeup had come off earlier but because it was dark non of them saw. Ginny just then came out of her stall and washed her hands. "Ready?", I asked. "Sure", she said. We walked back into the arena and sat down on a bench. My mum and grandmother came over to us. "So, how was it?", my mum asked. "Amazing!", Ginny screamed. "It was good", I said. "That's nice", mum said. 

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