Wrists Like Paper

Alexandria or Alex as she preferred to be called, has been spending her teenage years using her wrists as careless pieces of paper. Cut after cut she made her wrists into works of art. People look at her wrists and notice the cuts but they wouldn't say anything. That's what irritated her the most. The fact that they wouldn't say anything. If they noticed why didn't they say anything, tell her everything that's wrong with her, tell her what they think, just to say anything. All she wanted. Just for someone to actually tell her what they thought. Don't just stare at her like shes a freak tell her something! But what will happen when she meets Harry Styles? Will he help her? Will he tell her what he's thinking? Will he fall in love with the girl with paper for wrists?


14. lmfao! part 5

So I replied saying that^^ aka this: 

Lol read 'parts', bitch you had it favorite you just lied to your special ed student! xD You're so full of shit! And no, I'm not mature FUCK YOU  Xx


So yeah. I find it funny how she said I'm not mature cuz I deleted her comments. Then she deletes mine. LMFAO. I didn't even read her comment cuz I knew it'd be bullshit like everything she said. But haha, got ya bitch!

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