Wrists Like Paper

Alexandria or Alex as she preferred to be called, has been spending her teenage years using her wrists as careless pieces of paper. Cut after cut she made her wrists into works of art. People look at her wrists and notice the cuts but they wouldn't say anything. That's what irritated her the most. The fact that they wouldn't say anything. If they noticed why didn't they say anything, tell her everything that's wrong with her, tell her what they think, just to say anything. All she wanted. Just for someone to actually tell her what they thought. Don't just stare at her like shes a freak tell her something! But what will happen when she meets Harry Styles? Will he help her? Will he tell her what he's thinking? Will he fall in love with the girl with paper for wrists?


5. A Bit Early

 We walked in the arena. It was completely empty. My little sister who lives with our grandmother was meeting us here too and she was supposed to arrive soon. My mum left to go to the bathroom and call grandmother to see when she was bringing Ginny. Ginny was 8 and she had auburn hair and blue eyes. I was alone in the hall. I had my phone on me so I texted my mom "Hey I'm gonna go walk around, text me back when Ginny gets here". I walked around and all was silent. I had "To Write Love On Her Arms" by: Hawthorne Heights, stuck in my head. I figured since no one was around I could get away with singing a bit. I started singing it. 

 Harry's P.O.V

 We were walking down the hall going to the water fountain because we had just rehearsed when we heard singing. It sounded angelic. But the lyrics were sad and full of emotion. "Do you hear that?", Niall asked. "Yes", we all said. "Follow me", Liam said. He followed the sound until we saw a girl. She was singing and she was beautiful. She looked a bit dark though. She was crying and I saw Niall looking away. It obviously pained him to see girls cry. "Should we go see whats wrong?", Zayn wispered. We all nodded and then we walked towards her singing. I almost didn't want to interrupt her voice but I did. "Love?", I said. She snapped around and started blushing. I saw her makeup was perfectly fine. She must have seen me looking at it because she said "Its waterproof and I wiped most of the smeared makeup off my face". "Oh well whats wrong?", I asked.

Your P.O.V

 Is this really happening? Did my favorite singer just hear me sing and hear me cry? Oh my god, Alex, come on think of an excuse. "I uh, nothing", I said back quickly. "Well okay, if you wanna watch us practice you can", Harry said. "Okay". I followed the boys into the arena. Just then I heard my little sister scream "Alexandria, Alexandria!". I smiled and turned around. "Ginny!". She jumped in my arms and I hugged her. "Oh I haven't seen you in 2 months, its been too long!", I said. Then Ginny left my arms and ran over to the boys. "Hi!", she said. "Hey sweetheart how old are you?", Louis asked. "Eight!", she said so innocently. "Wow!", Liam said. "So is there anything we can do for you?", Zayn said. "Well no, but I want to thank you for making the scars on Alexandria's wrists decrease, they are still there and they seem to renew themselves but since she found you guys its decreased", Ginny said. My jaw dropped and I looked at all the boys. The looks on their faces were filled with horror and sympathy. I ran. Out. I started crying. I heard Ginny yelling after me but I didn't stop. I heard her little flats tapping the floor close to me. I turned around to see her and all the boys staring at me. I stepped forward and picked up Ginny. Then I turned my attention back on the boys. "Can we just forget this and get back to what we were doing before Ginny came?", I said. "Sure, yeah", the boys said awkwardly. Then we all walked back into the arena and the boys got on stage. I sat Ginny on my knee. She looked up at me with her crystal, clear, blue, eyes and said, in the most innocent, sweetest, voice ever, "Do you hate me now?". I was shocked by her thought. I hugged her tighter. "No, of course not, you could do no wrong that would make me hate you". She smiled and went back to the boys.

 I kinda drifted into my thoughts. Thinking about tonight and my plans. Then I heard "Little Things" and everything changed. I suddenly was paying attention to the boys practicing. When it became Harry's part he stared at me while he sang. I started to blush.  He smiled. Ginny suddenly said, out loud, "Aww you two should date". I started to blush like crazy and I gave Ginny a wide eyed look. All was silent and Harry walked off the stage and towards me. Oh god! What if he says something? I'm dead. He got closer and sat down next to me. Then he leaned in and whispered in my ear "You know she's right?". What did he mean? Does he want us to date? Oh god! I gave him a confused look and he whispered again "We should date". "Okay", I said back nervously. Then he patted my back and went back on stage to continue practice.

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