The Best Valentine Ever!

Lucy Styles (Harry styles sister) is in love with Niall Horan. He doesnt know it at all and refuses to pay attention to all the hints until he realizes he wants her to be his girl. Will they have a good valentines day? or will he not love her back ;)


1. The Best Valentine Ever!

Hi. My name is Lucy Styles. I am Harry Styles 17 year old sister. Im in love with his best friend/band mate Niall Horan. Theres just something about his beatiful blue eyes and the way they shine. His sexy irish accent just blows me away and leaves me wanting him more. Today is February 14th. Valentine's Day. I woke up this morning looking like a harrased rat. I had a shower and went to go pick out my outfit. i walked into my big walk-in closet and looked at all my clothes. i decided on some baby pink skinny jeans with rips in them, a white tank top, a pink sweater, and my white heels. i decided to put makeup on thinking Niall would notice me better. i put some pink eyeliner on my top eyelid and winged it to the side, put some white eyeshadow on, and a little bit of sparkly pink lip gloss. i normally dont wear this much pink, but its valentines day so what ever. i brushed all the tangles out of my hair and straightend it. i pulled it all over to my left shoulder completely covering the scar Harry gave me when we were little that started at my shoulder and went about 10cm straight down. i checked myself in the mirror one last time and went downstairs and out the door. like always, harry was sitting in his car waiting for me. I hopped in the car, and he started driving to school. "You look nice today little sis" he said smiling. he was so mature for a 19 year old boy. "Thanks big bro. You look good too" i said smiling back. we drove the rest of the way in silence like usual. we pulled into the school parking lot and instantly i saw niall's amazing blue eyes and perfect smile looking in Harry's window. I opened my door and stepped out. i walked over to where niall was standing. "Hey" i said smiling. "Hey how's it going girl?" he said with that perfect smile i loved so much. "Good you?" "Great!" he said happily. "So you got a date to the vakentines day dance yet niall?" i heard Harry ask, getting ot of the car. "No.." he said sadly. "It's ok Niall.. i dont either.." I said to him sadly. "would you maybe.. kinda.. want to go.. with me?" he said nervously. "Sure! I would love too!" i said a little too fast. "YES!" he screamed and jumped. "IM FINALLY GOING ON A DATE WITH LUCY STYLES! YES!" he said excitedly. so he actually did like me.. oh what an amazing day! "Do you want to be my valentine too?" He asked happily. "Sure! Why not!" i said smiling from ear to ear. "And maybe.. my girlfriend?" he said nervously again. this is it. this is the moment ive been waiting for since i met Niall and looked into those blue eyes that shined so beautifully.. "Yes!" i said and immediately hugged him. i pulled away and our eyes met. he started slowly leaning in.. i kew what was coming and i couldnt wait any longer so i leaned in instantly and our lips crashed on to eachothers. they fit perfectly and moved in unison. i pulled away and smiled. then i heard Harry clear his throat. I completely forgot he was there... crap... Niall ignored him and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. he grabbed my hand and we started walking to our period 1 class. he was in all of my classes and he sat beside me in all of them. We walked into the art room and took our seats. Niall smiled at me and placed his hand on my knee and moved it up and down my upper leg. i smiled and put my hand on top of his locking my fingers through his. "Okay class, Today were going to be doing a Valentine's Themed painting. The only paint you can use is pink, red, purple, and white. There has to be at least 5 hearts and then the rest is up to you. this has to be well-planned and well-thought out. These have to be finished by the end of this period so in... exactly 1 hour. Good Luck!" and with that Mr. Heinz left us working. The hour passed fast and me and Nialler were done our pantings. period 2 science flew by fast too. we had a 1 and a half hour break. all the students went home to get ready for the dance third and fourth period. it was from 1:30pm - 9:00pm. on the drive home, Harry was silent. we arrived at home and he stormed up the stairs seeming very mad at something. i shook it off and went upstairs and into my room. I took another shower and walked into my closet. i went to the far left corner where i kept my dresses. I picked out 3 and had to now decide which 1 of 3 i would wear. the first one was a knee lenght, strapless, white silk dress with a baby pink ribbon around the waist. Cute.. but no. i put it back on the rack. the second one was a soft pink long dress that reached the floor with a white belt around the waist. Meh.. no. the third one was a White Satin dress that went just below the knee with a baby blue ribbon aroun the middle and flowing down the left side. Perfect! Niall's Favourite color was blue. and his eyes were blue too. it was absolutely perfect. i slipped the dress on and moved on to my shoes. i had a pair of blue strappy heels, blue flats, white stilettos, white flats, and white peep-toe heels. i decided on the white flats. then i moved on to hair and makeup. Harry had gotten a professional in to do my hair and makeup for me being the amzing big brother he was. they started with a blue strip of eyeliner on my top eyelid like i do and winged it to the sides. they put on white shimmering eyeshadow with a hint of blue sparkles. then they moved on to my lips. they decided on a baby pink shimmer gloss that also made my lips baby soft. when they started with my hair i told them to keep my scar covered. they just nodded. they straightened my naturally wavy blonde hair and pulled it to my left side covering my scar. when they were finished, i walked out into the hallway and downstairs. i turned to my right and saw harry in a tuxedo staring at me, jaw dropped so far it was almost touching the ground. "Oh give it up harry.. im ugly no need to show it" I said smiling and laughing at my joke. "Wow. Lucy.. you Look amazing!" "why thank you hazza. you look handsome" I said smiling. "Shall we?" he asked holding out his arm. "we shall" i said smiling and taking his arm. he walked me down to the car and opened the door for me. when i was in he closed my door and walked around the front and to the drivers seat. we drove back to the school and i saw Niall standing there waiting in his tuxedo. I practically jumped out of the car. he came running towards me but then he stopped 10cm away from me. Looking me up and down, his eyes were sparkling until his gaze stopped at my left shoulder. crap. i didnt even notice the wind cause i was focused on niall. i didnt notice the wind had blown my hair behind me leaving my scar completely revealed. "Oh my.. Babe.. What is that on your shoulder..?" he asked concerned. "Its nothing.. dont worry.." i said nervously. "that is not nothing. its huge Lucy! What happened. how did that get there." he said moving closer and putting his hands on my waist, faces inches apart. i didnt answer. "Please tell me babe.. please." i gave in to his beautiful blue eyes. i looked at harry for permission and he nodded cautiously. "Well, when i was 15 and harry was 17 we were playing in an old treehouse that we made.. we started play fighting and well.. harry pushed me a little to hard.. i fell of the tree house.. my shoulder scratched against a metal fence.. i almost died from blood loss but harry got me to the hospital in time. i ended up with this huge ass scar on my shoulder.." I said almost in tears. he had pain in his eyes and they werent shining.. "Babe, im so sorry.." he said a tear falling from his right eye. "Don't cry babe.. please dont.." i said after i calmed down. i wiped the tear away with my thumb and looked in his eyes. they were watery still. i didnt want to see him like this. "Lets just enjoy the night babe. nothing will ever happen to you again." he said. he held out his arm just as harry had earlier. "shall we?" i took his arm and locked my fingers with his. "we shall" we both smiled and walked in. Liam and dani were dancing, lou and el were making out, zayn and perrie were near the punch bowl, harry and his date Emma had came in and started dancing, and me and niall walked over to the dance floor. we danced for about 10 minutes and then we all sat down at the same huge table. The boys were all staring at us girls. El was wearing a short silver dress and black heels, dani was wearing a short pink dress with white heels, perrie was wear a long red dress and black heels, emma was wearing a short red dress with a black ribbon around the waist and black flats, and i was wearing my white short dress with the blue ribbon and white flats. "What?" we all said at the same time looking at the boys while laughing. Lou whispered something in El's ear and she nodded and they moved to the dance floor. Liam and dani were just staring into each others eyes. Zayn kissed perrie and they went to the dance floor. Harry was whispering something in emmas ear and she kept giggling. She kissed him and they went to the punch bowl. Niall Looked at me still. "Babe, you look perfect. Absolutely amazing. I love you." did i just hear that right? did he say he loved me?! Oh my... Yes! "I love you too." I said kissing him. we just stayed sitting at the table. after about 5 minutes of talking, a slow song came on. Lou grabbed El's waist as she put her hands around his neck. Same with Li and Dani, Zayn and Perrie, and Harry and Emma. Niall stood up and held his hand out. i took his hand happily and he walked me over to the dance floor. he put his hands on my waist and i put my hands around his neck. As we Danced we looked into eachothers eyes. "I truly do love you Lucy.. I've wanted you to be mine since the day Harry had us all sleep over. Since then i thought you were the most beautiful girl to walk this planet with your beautiful green eyes that sparkle in the sun, your long, blonde, flowing, wavy hair that floats in the wind. Your amazing smile that makes me smile. Your adorable laugh that makes me want to laugh with you. I Love you with all my heart and soul." A tear fell down my left eye and i could tell he saw it. "Babe, why are you crying?" he asked concerned. "It's just, i feel the same about you and, i never thought you liked me. Nobody has said anything like that to me before." another tear fell down. "Niall, since the moment you slept over, i wanted to be in your arms all day and night. To say goodnight and goodmorning to the one i loved. To be able to wake up with you beside me and kiss you when i wanted to. I love you too Niall. With all of my beating heart and beautiful soul. I Love you." I said as he wiped the third tear off my cheek. He smiled and said "you have all of that now." he leaned in and kissed me passionately. Our lips fit perfectly and moved in unison. I softly bit his lower lip and he smiled through the kiss. He slowly pulled back as the song ended. We Danced the rest of the night not stopping. I was with the one i love. This was truly, The Best Valentine Ever.

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