Here With Me: 1Shot41D

Clara, a blind senior, is currently dateless at her schools Valentine's Day Reverse Homecoming. Where the girls ask the guys. She didn't see the need in asking anyone. Her best friend is Liam Payne, and they are nearly inseparable. What will happen the night she promised to sing for him. Especially when that night is the dance? Read on to find out :)


1. Its all a blur

*Clara's POV* 

So Reverse Homecoming (RH) has always been this huge deal at my school, and sadly, it was tonight.  I don't see why though it's so important though.  Literally.  I have been blind ever since my father shot me in the side of my head, aiming for my mother.  It's hard for me to even think about it, because when I do all the bad memories just come flooding back in.  But I need to remember or else I wont have a story to tell.  On top of everything, I was only four, and at the time, being held in my mothers arms.  She had always promised to keep me safe, but I don't know anymore.  It's just to hard to do, you know? Trusting people.  But I promised myself I would start trusting.  That was my resolution after all.  And I plan on sticking to it.


Music is basically my life, its what I turn to whenever i'm frustrated, or when i'm sad, or even mad.  I know frustration doesn't solve the problems in the world, and I don't expect it to.  So I just stick in my ear buds  and move on.  Drowning out the tones of the world.  I sing myself to sleep sometimes... to prevent my tears from doing so.  I even taught myself how to play the guitar at age eight.  Since then you could say I have poured my heart and soul into it.  Music is just so inspirational, and in my case life-saving.  You see, I was in a coma for months after... that day.  And I woke up to a song on the radio by The Killers, and my mother crying tears of joy and sadness next to me.  So to me, singing is a life line.  I wouldn't be able to get through a day without it.


But, back to reality.  I am currently sitting in my extremely boring AP English class.  The test I was given an hour ago, I had finally completed, and I was now waiting for the bell to just ring already.  I mean every other day I wait for the same thing, but today it feels like time is dragging on, just to make me mad.  I listen intently as if I won't be able to hear the bell unless I do.  I hear so much going on around me, people whispering quietly, papers shuffling, the clock ticking, desks creaking.  It's true what people say.  Your other senses are heightened when the other is weakened.  I might want to add that I only have a grand total of one friend at this school.  Well one TRUE friend anyway.  Now those are hard to come by, because a true friend isn't the one that calls me names, trips me up, takes my walking stick, or only talks to me feeling sorry all the time.  Close to nobody knows my story.  Except my friend.  Liam Payne.  Yes I know he is famous, but he hasn't dropped me since his audition, and if anything we got a little closer.  In fear of losing one another? Maybe.  He always sits next to me, and at the moment I can hear his heavy breathing, and bad habit of tapping his pencil.  He always makes sure I know where i'm trying to get to, and if I have what I need.  He is just so precious, I don't know why I didn't ask him to the dance.  I guess I see him as more of a brother.  He is always making sure i'm safe.  The bell rang, signaling the end of the school day, I walk out of the room and through the halls, walking stick in hand, and eventually stroll out the front doors.  Liam had caught up to me, not to my surprise.

"So Clara, your going to Reverse Homecoming right?" he asked

"I don't know, Li.  My mo bought a dress and everything, but won't I look like the odd one out that shouldn't be there?"

"Nonsense!  If anything, everyone will want to talk to you."

"Through sympathy, and feeling sorry I have no friends." I replied a little frustrated at the fact no one could just see me for me.  

There was a short moment of silence, and he appears to be looking a little upset? What?

"You have me." Liam said.

"Well, yeah, no duh I have you! And your amazing really.  But you can't be my only friend when I get there. I will be all lonely when you hang with everyone else.  Who are you going with?"

"The boys and I were all planning on going together."

"Oh, well I must go then."  I replied with the sarcasm dripping from my voice.

"Come on, don't be like that.  Plus, you promised that today was the day you would sing for me.  You know how much I want to hear your voice!"

Well dang.  I had completely forgotten about that.  I mean I didn't even have a song to sing, Of course I had one in my mind, and that's only because I sing it every night.  Yeah, my family has heard me sing, but Liam hasn't and I don't want to just crush his feelings by saying no.  Maybe I can let him off easy?

"Oh...  that was today?  I'm sorry Li, i'm not prepared with a song or anything.  Maybe I can scrap up something later?"  His face looked like he had just been heart broken, I couldn't say no.  What do you want me to do? What's done is done.

"Yes!  I have a plan on where I can take you, so you can sing to me."

"What?! It's nothing special really Li, don't go all out on me for something this silly."

"It's a good plan, I promise! And your singing is not silly, it's very special, and I want to do this. Please?"

"Okay, Li.  I trust you", there's the 'T' word I fear, "I guess I will just have to see you tonight?  Well not see you, but your going to pick me up right?  Since I don't know where we are going." Oh gosh.  Now i'm rambling, you could probably smell the nervousness on me.

"Sure!  I will pick you up at 8? So that way I can take you there, then we can meet the boys at the dance afterwards, around 8:30.  Does that sound okay?"

"Sounds great!  I will see you in..." What time is it anyway?!

"3 hours." He must have glanced at his watch.

*Liam's POV*

I know exactly where i'm going to take her.  Clara doesn't know that I came over to her house months ago, just to check on her.  I worry!  What can I say!  And I overheard her in her room, with ear buds in obviously, or else she would've heard me, and she was singing to herself.  It must've been a really stressful day for her, because she sounded upset, and was singing Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift.  It was bad, because I could've sworn she was crying, while she sang it.  I just stopped what I was doing and listened.  Her voice is so gorgeous, and angelic.  I was mesmorized.  But anyways, my plan is going to fall out perfectly.  I haven't asked her out yet, so tonight after she sings, will be the perfect time, with it being Valentines Day and all.  I will stop by the school at around 7:30, so I can see the placement of everything, so I know how to help Clara maneuver around.  It's being held in the gigantic gymnasium, so the small stage, also located in there, is near the bleachers, and I know there is a back door  leading onto the stage. Perfect!  I will get on stage near the DJ, and make an announcement as follows...

*TIME LAPSE (7:55)*

The party is just starting, and I'm in my best tux.  Perfect timing too, because its starting to really fill up, and quickly.  Its my time.  I grab the microphone from the DJ after asking to make an announcement, he graciously allowed it.  After he turned down the music slowly, until it was no longer playing I started speaking.

"Ladies and Gentleman, I need your attention for an upmost of five minutes."

Everyone was quieting down, they had all stopped dancing, and turned to look at who was speaking.  Which was me, and I was silent, making it awkward for a few seconds, while I waited for a complete silence.  Now that all their attention was on me...

"My name is Liam, and i'm not here to sing for you, so don't ask.  But my friend will be, and she doesn't know about this.  Her name is Clara, and most of you may know her, or at least have seen her before.  She is blind, for those of you who didn't know, this isn't what i'm here to say, but please be nice, as she can't see what's happening around her, so be polite about it.  Anyway, she had promised to sing for me tonight because I have always wanted to here her.  But she doesn't know she will be in here, and she will only be in here because I want to share her gift with you guys, if that's okay?"

A roar of cheers was their response to obviously say yes.  So I continued.

"Good!  Well I must advise, that there is a catch.  At precisely 8:05 I expect to hear complete silence, no one must say a word, breathing is okay, but nothing to noticeable.  Please.  If she catches on that we aren't alone, it would a) crush her and b) she will no longer trust me along with c) obviously, all my plans would be ruined."

They all said simultaneous okays and I understands.  Well this is going better than expected.

"I have a feeling the song she will be singing, will be a sad one, or at the least a slow one.  Therefore, it can be the first slow song of the night, and I have discussed with the DJ, he is allowing it.  So all of you can slow dance to it, while I bring her up here.  I must go now, but I will be back in 5.  Remember! Complete Silence."

This is gonna be good.  The drive to her house went by quick.  I walked up to the door and knocked, doorbells are to mainstream.  Haha.  She answered the door and her mother and I helped her to the car.  God she was beautiful.  I explained to her on the trip to the school, that we would be on a stage, all alone, but I had a mic so it would seem that much more real.  She seemed to be buying it.

*Clara POV*

Ohmygosh, what the heck  is going on!  He is acting all nervous and giddy.  If that's even possible.  Whatever.  I must be overreacting.  I just want to get on with it.  I felt the car come to a stop.

"Wait here a second.  I will be right back, and check... umm.... for any people, and if there are politely ask them to leave.  I will be back... so umm... yeah... hold on a minute."

What the heck just happened?!  Anyone care to explain?  

I hear the door click and freeze up, because a) it could possibly be a random stranger and b) im ina relatively short dress.  

"It's me Liam, don't freak out, and no one was here, so just follow me." Okay so it wasn't a random homeless man, but it's still cold.

Liam took my hand, it felt like electricity was shooting up my arm and through my body from my palm and fingers.  Why does it feel like that?!  It's so obvious that I like him, it's not even funny anymore.  I'm in love with my best friend! I would totally shout that out to the world, don't judge me.  After I finished rambling to myself, I heard Liam open a door, and assuming he was holding it for me, I walked ahead.  He helped me up a small flight of stairs, and I smelled something like sweat, and heard something but couldn't figure out what it was.  I stopped dead in my tracks.  I thought we were alone?!

"Did you hear that Li?"  He seemed to tense up, like he knew something.

"What are you talking about?  It was probably the air conditioning." Oh, well no duh Clara.  Your being ridiculous.

"Oh gosh, duh, yeah sorry I freaked out.  So where am I going?"

"Just about ten steps up is a stool, you can sit on it, and I will get you mic in a sec."

"You really didn't have to do all this.  It's so surreal, almost like I am about to play to a crowd, like you guys."

He walked with me a few steps up, and sure enough, there was a stool.  I got myself situated and felt Liam withdraw his hand from mine, as he walked to my left.  He was back in less than a minute.  How prepared for this was he??

*Liam POV*

She was sitting in the stool looking out, not at anyone in particular but she didn't know there was a crowd of about 400 seniors staring at her, analyzing her every move.  I grabbed the mic from the DJ and placed it in her hand.  She spoke into it, to see if it was one, and sure enough you could hear her 'TEST' all around the room.

"It's on silly!  So what song have you decided to sing for me?" I asked her, not sure on how to not sound like I was hiding something.  She lowered the mic and talked normally.

"Well there is this one song I sing to myself every night, whenever I get frustrated, or just feel anything or than happiness.  I figured a special song, for this special moment."

She just worded that perfectly and I was so glad, because everyone was in position now to start slow dancing.

"Well lets hear it."  Ohmygosh I'm so fudging excited.

"Okay.  Well *raises mic to lips* this is Here With Me by The Killers."

"Wheels are turning,

I remember when you were mine.

Now just to reach you,

Baby, I'd stand in line.


But there's another world,

Were living in 



And there's another heart,

That's fading in,

the light.


Don't want your picture

On my cell phone

I want you here with me.

Don't want your memory,

In my head now,

I want you here with me.


Spent the summer, Just laying out in the sun,

Time seems to move so slow, 

When you're taking it as it comes

Maybe we were just to young.


Your body was tanned, and your hair was long,

You showed me your smile, and my cares were gone, 

Falling in love filled my soul with fright, 

You said "Come on Baby, it'll be alright",

I must've been a fool to the bitter end.

Now I hold onto hope, to have you back again, 

I'd bargain  and I'd fight.


But there's another world 

Were living in



Don't want your picture,

On my cell phone, 

I want you here with me.

I don't want your memory,

In my head now,

I want you here with me.


Well I saw you in a restaurant, 

The other day.

And instead of walking towards you,

I ran away.

And I'll keep on waiting for you, 

Till you'll come around

Come around and say.


I don't want your picture,

On my cell phone,

I want you here with me.

Don't need those memories,

In my head now, 

I want you here with me.




Here with me.




Here with me."


I was nearly speechless, but I knew I had two very important words to ask her.  Just as a few claps turned into hundreds, she had the most confused and excited, edging on worried expression on her face.  I grabbed her arm, and pulled her off the stool into a hug, I pulled the mic from her strong grasp, and asked openly with everyone listening...

"Be mine?"  With that, she kissed me, which sealed off the answer to my question.



I was so happy, because finally, finally. She was here with me.

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