Valentines Day (For Contest! Please Read!)

Niall Is on the streets playing the guitar, and is hoping to get some tips for lunch. Niall loved singing. He was hoping to be on a stage one day, inspiring the lower class men to try to fulfill their dreams. Niall was playing a song he wrote in the eighth grade. It was about his crush back in middle school.. He kneels down to check his money and when he looks up, there she was. Jackie.


1. Valentines Day.

I knelt down to check how much money i had. four dollars... I wasn't doing as well as i planned. I set the money back in the case and continued to play. I was playing a song that i wrote in the eighth grade. About this girl i loved. I don't know if she loved me back, but i sure did love her. Im seventeen now, I have no parents, no money, and no place to live. I moved to New York right before my parents died. Today is the day of their death. Valentines day. Id have to say, this is probably the worst day to die. Its supposed to a day full of love and chocolates, but it wasn't. Exactly one year ago, my parents were killed. No one knows how, but they were. They say they committed suicide, but i know my parents well enough to know that they wouldn't do that. I cut out of my day dream and looked down at my guitar... I wasn't playing it. But i did hear someone playing the guitar, It just wasn't me. I looked to my right, and a few feet to my side, was her. Jackie. The girl I was singing a song about. The girl that I loved, but yet had a small feeling, she didn't love me back. I hear her playing "You and I" by Ingrid Michaelson. I knew that this song was meant for a boy and a girl. She was just on the first verse. I stepped into the crowd and started playing the guitar with her. She started to sing. Her voice was smooth and strong at the same time. She knew exactly what i was doing because right when it got to the boy part, i jumped in and she let me sing. Once the song was over, tons of people put money in our guitar cases and left. She set her guitar down and looked at me.

"Don't I know you from somewhere?" Jackie asked with a small squint of her eyes.

"Eighth grade. Science class."

"Ohh! Yeah!"

"Well i better get going. Happy Valentines day!"

I pulled out my tiny track phone, which was ringing. 


"Is this Niall James Horan?"

"Umm yes? Who's this?" I ask suspiciously.

"I have just scrolled upon a video of you and, umm, Jackie Walsh preforming." Who posted that so fast? And how did he find it so fast? "How would you and your friend like to fly to California and  talk." I looked around. Jackie had left..

"I have no way to get ahold of her."

"We can take care of that. We will juts find her number just as we found yours. So? Are you up for it?" I thought for a second.

"Get Jackie's answer first. Then call me back."

We finished our conversation and I hung up the phone with a big smile on my face.


I need money. My parents wont give me any money. Im not the most cared for child in the streets on New York. My parents are filthy rich and don't feel the need to take care of me anymore. I earn my money off the streets like a lot of other New Yorkers. I earn my money by playing my guitar. Sometimes i sing, but i usually don't. I saw a boy outside of a coffee shop, trying to get money, but wasn't very successful. Ill go help him out a bit. As i got closer, i slowly started to recognize him. Where have i seen him before? I started to play. Then i started to sing. A crowd of people started forming. I saw the boy push through the crowd. He started to play the song i was playing. He sang the boy parts and i sang the girl parts. We didn't sound too bad. We were actually really good. Once the song as over, I looked at him and asked him,

"Do i know you from somewhere?"

"Eighth grade. Science class." He said in a smooth irish accent. Irish accent. Niall! I liked him in the eighth grade, and i still like him now. I wished him a happy valentines day and he walked off. I packed up my stuff and by the time i had walked two or three blocks, my phone started to vibrate. 


"Is this Jackie Tucker Walsh?" The professional voice said from the other end.


"We were wondering if you would like to fly down to California with your friend Niall and talk about a career of singing." I was so confused. How did they know that i sang? How did they know me?

"Umm what did Niall say?"

"He said that he would give us his answer, once he knew your answer."

"Well I say yes! Of course!"

"I will get back with you once we get Niall's answer."

I hung up and smiled the biggest smile i've had in a long time. Was this really happening? I hope Niall says yes. The phone started to ring again.

"Your flight leaves tomorrow at nine in the morning. Don't be late. Bring your guitar." The phone hung up right away. Well that answered my question. 

*Next day*

I was all packed. Im so excited! I took a taxi to the airport. Once i got there, I didn't see Niall anywhere. I saw some guys in suites. I walked over to them and they took me by the arm and dragged me down the hall. Where they kidnapping me or something? 

"What are you doing?" I yelled as i struggled. They brought me into a room. What were they doing.


I needed to confess my love. Before all of this happens. I know that once we get into a real career, she will like other guys and wont be interested in me, if she even is interested in me. I knew she would resist to come with the guards, because i remember, in eighth grade, her worst fear, was being late for a flight. Its kinda stupid, but i knew that she wouldn't let anything stop her from being at the airplane doors and hour before we get let in. I heard her and the guards coming down the hall. Here the chance.


They were dragging me down the hallway! I cant be late for my flight! They brought me in a room and sat me down. It was a decent sized room and Niall popped out.

"Ive been meaning to say this to you. I just didn't have the chance. I liked you in eighth grade. I like you now. I don't think you like me, but before we go any further in our career, I needed to let you know that.  All im trying to say is," He said as he got down on one knee. "Happy late Valentines day."


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