Niall arel you be my valentine?

Have you had a valentine? I had Niall horan he said he loved me and would never leave me next thing you know your pressured asking you to marry him and wanting kids but is that what Lauren wants or does she want to just stay as a couple or will she find out Niall is a big lie? Find out in "Niall Are You My Valentine" NOTE: this is for the valentine contest :) thanks Katie enjoy!!


1. Love not story

Nialls P.O.V

"Lauren don't worry your my only love and always have been". I kep telling Lauren that but she won't believe me. "Niall are you sure, and are you going to be home for valentines day"? "Maybe or not but I'm not sure you know the valentines concert is important". I softly kissed her lips reassuring her with my lips everything would be ok.

Lauren's P.O.V

Niall kept saying everything would be ok but no because he skipped my birthday parrty for something else Harru claimed it was nothing but yes it was Liam said that that night Niall had gotten drunk and wasn't home the next morning claiming it was a "night stand" I truste Lism because he got Niall and I together because we had been friends sense forever and one day Lism had me come over and that's when it began. Niall and I used to be two peas in a pod till my birthday now he has his tour not far but still I watched his every move.

I said goodbye to Niall and he kissed my forehead and then the car was out if site. I ran to my room and oh hi I'm Lauren Para and I am dating Niall horan I'm 18 years old and my mom died of breast cancer when I was 7 and my dad tried to make up for those days by spoiling me but I didn't take advantage. My grandmother lived with us. Pretty much and oh I'm bffs with Liam Payne. I threw in sweats dreading the days ahead without Niall because loving him was like trying to love somebody you never knew. Anyway......

*39 days later valentines day <3 *

That day I put on skinny jeans my hot pink camisole because it was valentines day my black leather jacket and high tops I put on one layer of mascara and curled my hair I went downstairs ate breakfast which was donuts! YUM!!! And brushed my hair my parents were out for breakfast and so I grabbed my keys to my turquoise mustang and headed to the beach where Niall and I usually went. When I arrive it was deserted so I lay out a towel and sat down watching the waves crash and settle then PING!! I opened my iPhone my password is 1234 FYI and then got a text from Niall -see you looking beautiful and in coming to get that prettyness- I smiled and replied -yea where am I?- PING -beach our place its deserted your on a towel watching the waves roll in- -correct! Stalker- -be down at the beach in a few- I smiled t the though -k- then I waited an hour!! FYI boys girls never like to wait.

An hour passed finally he arrived I wasn't pleased. "Happy valentines day here got you something". He showed me a pandora braclet and I looked at it and it said the name Kelly. "Whos Kelly"? "Umm..... A girl I know". "Niall tell the truth". "Fine that's my other Gf". "CHEATER"!!!!!!! I threw the braclet down and then took his gift out of my pocket it was a heart that said our names I threw it down "wait let me explain"!!!!! "There's no explaining your a cheater"!!!' Then I went down the beach. And changed my status on facebook to single and posted -never trust Niall horan cheater-!!!!

Someone tapped my shoulder I turned to see Liam. I threw my arms around his neck and cried into his chest his scent so familiar. "Woah slacker" I smiled he always called me that because when we were younger I failed everything on purpose because if a dare and now he calls me slacker. "What happend to Niall"? "He cheated on me Liam". He stroked my cheek. "Lauren u love you a lot honest and I want to be yours I have like you forever will you be my valentine"? "YES"!!!!!! He smiled bent down and kissed me off in the sunset we walked hand in hand making foot prints that I wished laste forever. The end!!!! Hope you enjoyed my first actual movella.
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