My New Life

A girl named Alexis is abandoned by her parents and decides to go to her cousin Niall's house. She meets 4 new friends and they become her new brothers. Also, she meets someone who she never even knew existed!


6. Weird Family

Niall's POV

I had lots of fun at the fair today. I won thr pie earing contest.Probably becasue I was sooo hungry!!

When we got home we all got our swimsuits on. We jumped into the pool together. Alexis was playing with the other guys and i moticed that Thayer was swimming by himself so I thoight i would talk to him.

"Hey Thayer!!" i said.

"oh hey!! Umm i forgot to thank you for letting me stay here with you guys last night." he said.

"oh don't worry about it. You make Alexis really happy. She was teally excited to meet you. Things have been really hard for her." I said.

"ya. I just hope that she had a better life then I did. I've been to over 7 foster homes for just when i was a baby. No one there cared about me and I have never gone to school or had many friends. When i heard I had a sister I couldn't wait to meet her. I made it my goal to find her." he said trying to hold back tears.

"well.. You can stay here as long as long as you never. And now you me and Alexis and the other guys." I said trying to make him happy. He smiled and said thanks.

"you know,I'm beginning to like you Niall" he said. I laughed and we swam over and joined everyone else.

Alexis's POV

We were swimmimg when I saw Niall and Thayer talking. I hope that they were getting along. I really like Thayer and I want Niall to,too.

We got out of the pool. I grabed my towel and went inside to change into my pajamas. They were the new ones that I bought. They were blue and green with purple hearts.

I walked down stairs. Everyone else was on the couch laughing. I sat down beside Zayn and Louis.

"we should play a truth or dare again!!!" said Louis.we all agreed and sat in a circle on the floor. We decided that we would use an old pop bottle we spun it around. It landed on Zayn. He said Dare.

"I dare you to speek for the rest of the night without using the letter s." said Liam.

"ok.. Thi will be eay!!" said Zayn as we all laughed at how silly he sounded.we spun the bottle again. Louis's turn. He said Dare.

"i dare you your foot!!!"said Harry with a smile on his face. Louis took off his sock, stuck his foor in the air and chased his foor with his mouth.He couldn't reach his foot!!! We all laughed!! He was laying upside down, with his foot high in the air and his tongue out as fair as it could go!! After a few minutes of trying he put back on his sock and we spun the bottle again. Niall's turn. He said Dare too!!!

"i dare you to.. give that pizza to zayn and watch him eat it!! Said Zayn as he pointed to himself. In Niall's hand was a warm piece of fresh pizza that he was about to eat. He sadly handed it to Zayn.

"please Don't, Please Don't!! Don't do it!!!"he said to Zayn as he bit into the pizza. Niall fell on the floor and pretended to faint. We all were laughing really hard!! In a few seconds the pizza was gone. We spun again. My turn. I said Truth.

"ok!! Would do you have a crush on in this room!!!" Said Niall.

"what!! I can't tell you that!! Plus, you guys are like brothers to me!!!! I would never have a crush on my brother!! Even though my brother is very handsome and goodlooking!!" i said pointing to Thayer. He smiled.

"ok fine!! So you don't have a crush on any of us!!" said Niall.

"No!! You guys are family to me!! Thats way better than a crush!!" i said as i gave them all a giant hug.

We countinued to play till everyone was done. Harry ended up eating stale cake and Thayer had to go and find a worm out of the garden and "pet" it.

After out game we all went to bed. I was laying in bed, and i realised, I had a family!! I finally, after all these years had a family. I had a cousin that was like a brother to me, me actual brother and 4 other guys that were like brothers to me. I had 6 brothers. Sure, our family was weird, but most I liked it that way!!"
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