My New Life

A girl named Alexis is abandoned by her parents and decides to go to her cousin Niall's house. She meets 4 new friends and they become her new brothers. Also, she meets someone who she never even knew existed!


10. Revenge is a terrible thing

Niall's POV

I walked over to the door and slowly turned the nob. A man quickly walked inside pushing me out of the way. He looked like he was about 25.

"Where is that Jerk???" he yelled as he franticly searched my living room.

"Umm who??" i asked trying to sound confused.

"Don't play dumb!!! I'm looking for Thayer!!" he yelled ad he entered the kitchen.

"There is no one else here!!" i said.

"Maybe he is upstairs!!" he whispered to himself as he lunged for the stairs. He jumped up them two at a time. He began to search Zayn and Harry's room. I ran upstairs and entered their room. Inside was Zayn, Louis and Liam with Harry under the bed.

"I thought you said no one else was here!!" he screamed at me.

"umm... I forgot.. That they were here.. And...there wasnt anyone else downstairs." i said. He ran out of the room and entered Alexis's and Thayer's room. He Searched through their things and then headed for the bathroom. The door was locked.

"Open the door!! I know that your in here Thayer!!" he yelled.

Alexis's POV

We were huddled in the bathroom, hiding in the closet. I could tell that Thayer was scared. We heard the door nob move. Then someones voice. A man. Then we heard Niall. I had an idea. Inopened up the closet door. I turned on the tap and got my hair wet. I got the showere wet. Then, I told Thayer to hide. I slowly opened the door and a man barged in. Niall slowly walked in behind him.

"Where is he??"he asked.

"who? I was just having a shower?" i said trying to sound convincing.

"I know that he is in here!!"

"Fine!"i whispered."he is in the closet!" i told him.

He slowly went over to the closet. He pulled it open and searched the closet. While he was in the closet, i gave Thayer the sign to go. He ran out of the bathroom and down the stairs. Just then, then Tom turned around and ran after him. He had saw Thayer run!! I ran down behind him. Tom
Was infront of Thayer and he was coming closer and closer to him. Then, he leaned forward snd punched Thayer right in the face! Thayer fell to the floor sith blood dripping down his chin.

"Thayer!!" i yelled as I ran up beside him. He slowly got up. Tom came forward and punched him again. This time harder. It hit him on the top of his head. Thayer fell back to the ground. He was unconcious.

Tom ran out of the house. But, outside was the police. Apparently, Harry was under the bed and he called them. The police ran at Tom and took him to the ground. They put on handcuffs and took him away. Then, they came in for Thayer. He left in an ambulance.
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