My New Life

A girl named Alexis is abandoned by her parents and decides to go to her cousin Niall's house. She meets 4 new friends and they become her new brothers. Also, she meets someone who she never even knew existed!


2. New home

Alexis's POV

I walked up to the house. It was a big house with a small front yard. I walked up to the door. I knocked three times. A boy with curly brown hair opened the door. 

"oh, sorry I was just looking for my cousin but i guess he doesn't live here anymore. Sorry." i said and turned aroud.

"wait!! Niall??" he replied.

"uhh ya!!"

"wait here." he went inside."NIIAALLL!!!" he screamed.
A few seconds later a boy with blond hair came to the door.

"Niall!!!!" i said and ran and gave him a hug

" oh Alexis! I havent seen you in forever!"

I entered his house. It looked mostly the same as before. It had brown walls in the living room, two big couchs and a chair, and a coffee table.We sat down and i told him about my mom and what happened. 

"you can stay here if you want to!" 
he said after i was done my story. 

A few seconds later, the boy with curly hair came down stairs with 3 other boys behind him.

"who's this??" said one of then.

"this is my cousin, Alexis! She is going to be staying here with us. Alexis, this is Harry,louis,liam and Zayn! They live here too."said Niall. 

I said hi to everyone. Niall showed me to his room. It was blue and had clothes on the floor. 

"sorry about the mess. The guys and I were in here yesterday  and I didn't have time to clean it.

Niall moved some of the clothes and took out a sleeping bag and a pillow for me to sleep on. He left the room and let me put away my things.

After i was done, I went down stairs. Niall was eating. Zayn was tossing a paper ball back and forth with Liam and Harry was on the couch upside down doing i don't know what. 

"we should play a game!!" said Niall.

"ok lets play truth or dare!!" said Harry. We all agreed. We sat in a circle. Liam started.

" truth or dare Zayn."


"ok... Drink your juice upside down!"

" zayn grabbed his juice. He tilted his head upside down. He started to drink. The juice fell all over his face!!! We all laughed!! He grabbed a towel to wipe off the juice.

"ok!! Truth or dare Alexis!!"said zayn.

"truth!" i said.

" you have a boyfriend??"

"No. I don't actually." i said calmly.

"Nice to know!!" said Zayn

We played for a while. It was really fun. The boys were very nice!! They were funny!!
Nialls pov

I couldn't believe that it was Alexis at the door!! I used to hang out with her all the time when we were younger!! I missed her a lot!!
I think most of the guys like her too. They had lots of fun playing truth or dare with her. 
Harry's POV

Alexis is very nice!! We had lots of fun today!! It will be nice having a girl around. I kinda like her. Like,like her. She is pretty and smart and kind!! 

Alexis's POV

 When it was time for bed I put on some shorts and a tee shirt. I didn't have much clothes. I'm going shopping tomorrow with Niall and the boys. It should be fun.

I crawled into the sleeping bag. The floor was hard. I was cold most of the night. Niall was sleeping in his bed. All of a sudden be got up.

" are you ok Alexis??" he said.

"umm yaa. Im just cold and the floor is really hard."

" here.. Come sleep in my bed with me." he said.

I got up and crawled in. His bed was warm. Niall kissed me on the forehead and went to sleep.
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