My New Life

A girl named Alexis is abandoned by her parents and decides to go to her cousin Niall's house. She meets 4 new friends and they become her new brothers. Also, she meets someone who she never even knew existed!


14. Never leave me again

Alexis's POV

Thayer has to stay in the hospital tonight. Right now i am at home in bed reading.

I went down stairs and sat down beside Niall. He smiled at me at put his arm around me. Liam and Zayn were playing a board game. It was Zayn's turn, he spun the spinner and went up 4.they were playing a game like truth or dare. Zayn picked up a car and it said do a headstand. Zayn got on the floor and pushed his feet up on the floor. His feet were up in the air but, then he fell backwords. We all laughed. I watched them play for a while then went to bed.

Early the next morning, we left to go to the hospital. I went up and found Thayer. He was sitting on the end of his bed with a bandage around his head.

"are you ready?" i asked him.

"Yep! Lets go!" he said. We skipped down the hallway.

We walked to the elavator. We went down to the main floor. When we got out of the elavator, Thayer stopped and leaned against the wall.

"are you ok?" i asked.

"Uhh ya im fffiin....." he fell to the floor.

"Doctor!!! Someone help!!!" i screamed. The doctor rushed over and took him to the closest room and sat him down on the bed. Thayer sat on the bed holding his head.

"so what happened??" the doctor asked.

"well... We were skipping down the hallway and then when we got out of the elavator he fell to the ground." i told him.

"ohh! It was probably because you were skipping! You can still leave but try not to do any lifting or running. Just sit down and relax for the next couple days ok." he said.

Thayer and I got up and left the hospital.

"So when we got home, just try to relax!! I don't want you to pass out again! You really scared me at the hospital." i said.

"dont worry I will" he said.

"I don't want you to leave me again!!!" i said.
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