My New Life

A girl named Alexis is abandoned by her parents and decides to go to her cousin Niall's house. She meets 4 new friends and they become her new brothers. Also, she meets someone who she never even knew existed!


7. Girls day turned into a nightmare

When i woke up, Thayer was in the bathroom having a shower. I brushed my hair and put it up in a pony tail. I walked downstairs. The boys were all on the couch, with backpacks and they were all wearing baseball hats.

"oh.. Alexis!! I forgot to tell you..well we all forgot actually. Every summer, we go out to a cabin by a lake. Just us guys. Soo...umm sorry but you can't come."

"oh thats ok!! You guys go and have fun!! You haven't had much time together juat you since I came. When do you leave??" i said

"um we are leaving when Thayer's ready.oh and we asked him to come too. I thought it would be nice!! Now we can get to know eachother better too!!we will be back on Monday ok?"

"ok thats fine!!" I said. I had just began to think of everything that I would do by myself when Thayer came down stairs.

They all grabed there things and loaded the van. When try were done they came back to say goodbye.

"Are you going to be ok with all of us gone?I don't have to go if you don't want me to." asked Thayer.

"Noo!! Goo!! Have fun!! I will be fine!!" i said. He said ok and kissed me on the head and walked out the door.

I gave everyone a hug and they all got into the van.

"If you need anything, just call me!!!!" screamed Niall out of the van window.

The drove away and were out of view in a few seconds. I went back inside. I decided that i would call my friend Lauren. I dialled her number.

" Hey!! Alexis! How are you?? I havent seen you in forever!!" she said.

"how did you know it was me??" i asked.

"i could see your number on my phone"

" oh! I forgot about that!!" we both laughed. I told her about everything. We talked for almost an hour before we said goodbye and hung up.

I sat around the house all day. I was bored!! I decided to go into Harry and Zayn's room. I looked at all of there pictures. There was a picture book beside Harry's bed. I knee i shouldn't have but i looked inside. There was lots pictures of a baby boy that resembled Harry and a woman and man.. I assumed that it was his parents. There was a baby girl too. Maybe his sister. All of a sudden the phone rang. I jumped when I heard the noise. It scared me because i wasn't expecting it to ring and because I was in their room and i shouldn't have been. I ran downstairs to get the phone but I was too late. It stopped ringing. I sat down on the couch. If it was that important they would call again. And they did. I picked it up.

"Hello??" i said.


All i heard was heavy breathing!!

""ummhello?? Niall?? Thayer?? Who is this??"


I quickly hung up. I was really scared. I called Niall. It started to ring.

"Hello?? Alexis?

"umm hi Niall! Did you just call??" i said.

"no why.did you guys call Alexis" he asked the other guys."Nope. No one called. Why"

"well..someone just called and it was just heavy breathing!!!"

"oh well maybe it was wrong number."

"ok ya sorry!!" i said.

"its ok!! Bye!!"

I was soo scared that they would call again!! I decided to go watch a movie. It was harry potter. I loved Harry Potter. I watched the whole movie and nothing happened. Maybe Niall was right. Wrong number.

That night I had a shower. The water was warm and it felt really good. I got out and brushed my hair. I put on some fuzzy pajamas. I crawled into bed and went to sleep. It was the middle of the night and i heard a loud ring. It was the phone. I picked it up.

"H..Hello." i said half asleep.

"auuuu auuu huuuuu hooo. Nooaaaa"

"i slamed the phone on the phone holder snd hide under the covers. I wish Nial or Thayer was here. Even one of the other boys. Louis.Harry.Liam.Zayn.i missed them all soo much. I silently cried under the covers.
The phone rang again. I picked it up. Still heavy breathing.

"Listen!! If you call again i will call the police!!! Do you hear me!! Who is this??"i yelled into the phone.

"you will be sorry" then he hung up. What did he mean?? I fell asleep a few minutes later.

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