My New Life

A girl named Alexis is abandoned by her parents and decides to go to her cousin Niall's house. She meets 4 new friends and they become her new brothers. Also, she meets someone who she never even knew existed!


5. FAIRly good day

Alexis's POV

I woke up beside Thayer. I just met him yesturday and I already loved him like a brother.

I woke up and tool a shower. I put on a blue shirt and dark skinny jeans. I went down stairs. Louis was sitting on the couch drinking tea and Harry was on on his phone. I made myself and Thayer a coffee and toadt with Cinnamon on top. Thayer came down stairs in a black shirt and white pants. His hair was straight and looked wet. I assumed that he had had a shower. He came over to me and said goodmorning and took his toast and coffee. He sat sown on the couch and I sat beside him.

"wow, you guys look identical!! But.. Your a boy..and she's a girl." said Louis.

Just then, Niall came down stairs with a smile on his face.

"why are you so happy Nialler??" said Harry.

"I just looked online and....The fair opens today!!!"he said.

We all decided that we would go. We got ready and left.

Niall drove with Liam beside him, Harry and Louis in the middle and Thayer, Zayn and I sqeezed in the back. When we got there, we had to wait in line to get tickets.There was a lot of people there. We decided to meet back at the car at 4:30. We each ran off the have fun.

Thayer and I stayed together the whole time. We decided to go on the strawberry spinner first. It was a giant fake strawberry than spun around in a circle and in a bigger circle with ither strawberries. We got in. There was already other people in side. It was Harry and Zayn!! We all
Got ready and the ride started. It began to spin. We all feel in our seats. We were sliding around the slippery sear that went all the way the strawberry. Bu the time the ride was done, we were all upside down and laughing as hard as we could. We got out and were really dizzy!!

Next we went on the merry go round. I loved them. They were really fun even though it eas for little kids.We waited in line and then i ran up on to a pretty red horse. Thayer jumped on a blue one beside me. We both went up and down on opposite times. We were both laughing. There was people starring at us but we didn't care. Thayer and I had almost 17 years to catch up on!!!

When the ride ended. I jumped off my pretty horse. I had an idea. I grabbed Thayer's jacket as he walked off. He turned around and i told him to crouch down. We hide untill the ride started again. We both jumped back on our horses.

"Hey!! Those two are trying to get another ride without paying!!" said an old grouchy lady. The security came running on to the ride. We both jumped off and ran into the shortest line for a ride. The cops were almost there when we both jumped on the ride. This one ended in a different place that it started so the cops wouldn't be able to get us. The ride was a boat. It went along a water path. There was a speed setting on the boat so we set it to fast. All of a sudden we heard a clunk behind us and the cops had just got onto the ride. Their boat was right behind ours. We tryed to make the boat go fast but it wouldn't!! Then, I noticed a oath way on the side of the ride. We both crawled out leaving our boat in the middle of the water. We ran along the path until we got to the exit. We ean into a bathroom . We were both breathing really hard. We had lost the cops!! All of a sudden a lady came in and started to scream because Thayer was in there. We ran out before another cop got us.
Thayer and I found the rest of the guys and we went to go have lunch. We were walking past a pie contest when Niall suggested we enter.

"mm i don't think so guys!!" i said.

"come on Alexis!! It will be fun!! "said Harry. So we decided to enter. We all got ready. We were competing against eachother. The pies were all different flavours. I really hope its not Banana!! I hate banana. All of a sudden the judge blew his whistle and that was the signal to start eating. I dove my face into the pie. It was cherry!! I loved cherry pie. I began to eat. After a few second i looked up at the rest of the guys. Louis's face was purple and he was still eating away at his pie, Harry's face was orangey pink. Peach. Peach pie. I looked at Niall. He had banana. There was cream everywhere!! He was almost done to!! I shoved my face back in my pie and kept eating. It was sooo good!! 

"winner!!" said the judge. I looked up and he was holding Niall's hand high in the sky. Niall's face was yellow with cream dripping down his chin. We all went to look in the mirror and take a picture of our silly pie faces. Mine was red!! I had cherry pie all over my hair!!! Thayer's pie was apple and he had apple bits everywhere!! I helped him get some out his hair. We took a picture of our faces and then cleaned up. 

After lunch we hung out together. We went on some rides and had lots of fun together!! 

At 4:30, we all left the fair and piled into the car. We went home.

Thayers POV

I had so much fun with everyone today!! Alexis is the best sister ever!! When we got home we went for a swim. We had to get the pie out of our hair and it was the easiest way. Plus, it was the funnest way.
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