My New Life

A girl named Alexis is abandoned by her parents and decides to go to her cousin Niall's house. She meets 4 new friends and they become her new brothers. Also, she meets someone who she never even knew existed!


11. Endless hallways

Alexis's POV

We all jumped into the van and we drive to the hospital. When we got there i ran to a nurse behind a counter.

"Umm Hi I'm looking for Thayer Bramps." i said.

"oh the parimetics just brought him in a few minutes ago. They took him to room...324" she said.

I ran down the hall to look for his room. I ran and ran and ran down endless hallways. After a few minutes I stopped. I didn't know where I was. I peeked into the room beside me. There was an old lady in a bed sleeping. It was room 156. Wait!! Room 324 was on the third floor!!! I rsn to the nearest elavator. I pushed the 3 and the doors closed and i began to rise. The door opened and i walked out. I looked at the sign on the ceiling. Room 320 and up to the left. I ran down the hall, dodged an oncoming nurse and a man in a weel chair. Room 321..322...323..323..324! I ran inside. Inside was a man and on the other side was sn elderly woman. I looked in the back. It was Thayer!! He was laying in a bed with lots of buzzing machines around him. He was still unconsious. Then i doctor came in.

"are you here with Thayer?" he asked me.

"Umm ya he is my brother! Is he ok??"

" well, he is unconcious. We have tryed to make him wake up but he won't. We don't know how long he will be like this. Could be an hour, day or even week. He might even slip into a coma. He git hit right in the head. And very hard!" he said. Then he left.

That night, the doctor moved Thayer to an empty room so that they could safely monitor him without desturbing anyone else. I slept on the chair beside him all night. I didn't want to leave.

When i woke up, the doctors were in his room and the machines were beeping louder than usual.

"whats going on!" i asked.

"he just slipped into a coma!" she said. My only brother was now in a coma. I slepped outside for a minute. I walked down the hallway, into the elavator and went down to the main floor. I went and sat down in the waiting room. I thought about everything that had happened.

When i was born, i had a twin brother. My parents put him up for adoption. I met him for the first time in years a while ago. Soon after i met him we loved each other like brothers and sisters normally did.Now, a little more than a month later, we are being separated again. This time, not by our parents, but by DEATH. Death had crawled in and had Thayer in his arms. He was almost gone. Taking Thayer farther and farther away. I could barely reach him. I was trying as hard as I could to pull him back. Maybe it was meant to be. No!! It couldn't be!! I just met him!! He was my brother. I needed him. He was a part of me now!!
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