My New Life

A girl named Alexis is abandoned by her parents and decides to go to her cousin Niall's house. She meets 4 new friends and they become her new brothers. Also, she meets someone who she never even knew existed!


12. Darkness

Thayer's POV

I looked out infront of me. Darkness. I couldn't get up or move. It was like being asleep and not being able to wake up. I was stuck. I coukd here voices. I was in a bed. Was i at home. Or a hospital maybe. I could remeber Tom coming at me. I could rememeber the pain in my head. Th smell of blood and pain.

Nial's POV

I was sitting on my couch at home. I wondered how Thayer was doing. We were at home while Alexis was with Thayer. I could trll that this was hard on her.

I decided to drive over to the hospital. I got in the van and drove there by myself. When I fot there, i found Alexis in the waiting room. I sat down beside her and she looked up.

" a coms!!! Nial what am i going to do if he dies??? I'm so scared that I will never talk to him again!!" she said with tears in her eyes.

"Listen to me!! Thayer is strong!! He can fight through this!!!" I said as i hugged her and kissed her fore head. We walked over to the elavator. We both walked in silence to his new room.we entered the room and it was empty. The bed had the blankets folded up at the bottum. Alexis ran out. We found a nurse and she showed us were he was. They took him to critical Help section on the 2nd floor. We found him laying in a bed with machines everywhere. This time more than before. We stayed with Thayer for a few hours.
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