My New Life

A girl named Alexis is abandoned by her parents and decides to go to her cousin Niall's house. She meets 4 new friends and they become her new brothers. Also, she meets someone who she never even knew existed!


15. back to normal

Alexis,s POV

Thayer and i got home and i helped him upstairs. All of the boys were out getting groceries. I helped Thayer into bed. He said that he was tired so I let him sleep.

I went downstairs. As i sat down on the couch, the boys ran in through the door with big bags full of food.

"shhhhh!!! Thayer is sleeping!!'  i whispered to the boys.

'ohh sorry!!!' whispered Louis as he pulled out  a carrot and chomped down on it.

We all had lunch. I thought that Thayer would be hungry so i brought him up some food too. He was laying in bed on his phone.

"hey..i brought you some lunch" i said. He smiled and shoved the sandwhich in his mouth.

'so i was thinking that we could maybe go for a swim after. Just relax in the hot tub." i said.

"uh ok sure! thats sounds good.' i left his room to let him eat.

About half an hour later, we all got in the hot tub. Thayer had a bandage on his head so we couldnt splash around much. we decided to just chill for the night. Niall got out and turned on the rainbow lights in the hot tub. We had on music and flashing lights. It was so much fun. ok it was, until the neighbours got mad and told us to shut the music off and the lights or else she would call the cops. That pretty much ended our fun. We all got out and grabed a towel. It was really dark out and i couldnt see without the hot tub lights.

"Niall stop pushing me!!' i yelled.

" thats not me im over here!" he called back.

"owww!" said Louis."stop stepping on my feet"

"i cant see. someone turn on the light!" said Liam

All of a sudden I felt someone hit my head, and then i felt like I was falling...falling...falling....splashhhhhh....i tryed to breath in but there was water everywhere. I swam up and took in a deep breath of air. someone had pushed me and I was in the pool. I crawled out of the pool with a wet towel around me.

"Alexis are you ok????" said Thayer. i reached up and grabed his hand. he pulled me up.

"ya im fine.Just lost my balance." i said. We all went inside. I ran upstairs and got changed into my purple fuzzy pajamas.

Everything was perfect. Everything was just how it was supost to be.

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