Kaleidoscope of Memories


As much I want to say 'It's his loss'.. Deep down, I know it's mine, too.
Love and Loss Competition.


1. Kaleidoscope of Memories;

For the hundredth time tonight, someone tries to call my phone. With my emotions running on high, I get frustrated at the fact someone wants to talk to me. I take the battery out of my phone and throw it across the room, starting to cry, once again, when the battery hits the far wall. Someone knocks on the door and I just scream. I realize I'll have to apologize tomorrow, but my heart was just torn out and thrown onto the street.

"You're beautiful, Kyra." he whispers to me and I giggle for no apparent reason.

"You're handsome." I say, laughing. He smiles at me before his face turns serious.

"Will you be my girl friend?"

I smile, even though I'm shocked, "Of course, Grant."


I ache at the memory. Two years ago, everyone said it was puppy love. They said we'd never last. They were right.  

I wipe my eyes on my comforter and snuggle my stuffed cow.

All at once, the memories come rushing back.


"Always. We'll always be together." he said, "I love you."
I smiled so much that night. He had never said it until our four month anniversary.



Picnic on the beach when we fell asleep. Our parents were so mad that neither of us showed up at home until three a.m.



Prom. The night we made love. He got us a hotel room and we left a little early, taking to each other as we pleased.



Our first fight, screaming at each other because he was texting another girl. It was the most stupid thing in the world. We ended up making out at the end of the night.



Our first kiss. It happened on our month anniversary dinner. He smiled as he told me I was beautiful.



The fight that broke us up. He was kissing another girl. I walked into the gym to meet up with him and there he was. I ran out crying and he was chasing after me. He followed me home until I screamed at him to leave.


I look outside and see his car has gone. Part of me wishes it had stayed, he had stayed, then there'd be hope in us. If he cared, he'd have tried harder.

We used to love and laugh but, now all I have to remember our love is my kaleidoscope of memories.

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