Free Hugs

Lizzie Payne is just a popular girl in her school and has the best boyfriend ever, well that's what she thinks. Kendall, Lizzie's boyfriend, hates helping and bullies Niall Horan. One day Niall and Lizzie went to a charity event called Free Hugs and hugged for more than 3 hours. How Kendall will react? Will Lizzie start to realise how her boyfriend is in reality? Niall loves Lizzie, will after this she will start liking him more? Will there be a future for Lizzie and Niall? Read to find out...
"A hug can change a life" by Lizzie de Anda :D
Note: In this fan fiction the guys from One Direction aren't famous and the only guys that appear are Niall and Zayn and a part Liam as Lizzie's big brother. A/N: the other guys from 1D will appear too at the half of the story


6. Wish You Were Here


-*LIZZIE'S POV*- It was late, Liam already was asleep in his room and I was in mine watching the movie "Starstruck" on Disney Channel. I really like that movie, I don't care if somebody laughs about it, I used to be obsessed with HSM. I was eating some popcorn, the hours past and the movie was over. I wasn't tired so I decided to change the channel to nickelodeon. In that moment the music video for the song "Beggin' On Your Knees" by Victoria Justice started. A smile formed in my face and I started to sing along to the song. I ran to my bathroom and grabbed my hairbrush, started to jumped on my bed and I pretend the brush was a microphone, funny right? I didn't care anymore about Kendall, he's just a coward, he's not a man, he's just a player that doesn't deserves a happy ever after. The song was over and I turned off the tv and laid on my bed. Suddenly the door opened showing a tired Liam. "Did I wake you up?" I said ashamed. "Kinda" he said coming in. "I'm really sorry" I said and I sat in my bed. Liam sat next to me. "You have a nice voice, you should try into the X Factor" he said with a smile. "I'm not sure, I can be a little bit shy sometimes" I said. "You would be great" He said. "Maybe... But not soon, I don't want to leave mom alone, in several months you might be on tour, away from us" I said letting a tear escape my eyes. "I won't go if you want to" he said. "No no no! Of course not! This is your dream Liam, it's your chance to make it true, you must go" I said with a smile. "Just, you know, since dad left us mom has been kinda depressed, even tough that was 13 years ago, I just want to know why he left... and besides you are like my dad." I said trying not to cry. "You'll now it in the right time" he said with a smile trying not to cry. "Since you left to the X Factor my mom has been more depressed than ever, and me too..." I said letting more tears escape my eyes. "You depressed? You are the happiest girl in the world" he said wiping my tears away with his thumb and I couldn't help but smile. "I was obsessed with a song..." I said. "Which one?" he asked. I picked up Liam's guitar and I started playing and singing the song "Wish You Were Here" by Avril Lavigne. I didn't play the guitar that much, but I learned this for my brother. While I was singing tears started running down my cheeks. I turned to see Liam and he was crying too. When the song was over I laid the guitar on the support and we both stood up and Liam pulled me into a hug. I started to cry harder. "You don't know how much I've been missing you and you much I love you" Liam whispered in my ear. "I love more Liam" I said. "You know what?" Liam asked. "What?" I answered. "In every single album I record I'll make a duet with you" he said. "Awww, thank you" I answered with a smile. After a moment Liam broke the silence: "I think we should go to sleep". "Sure, can you stay here with me? I promise you won't sleep in the carpet" I asked him. When we were little I used to sleep in his room when I was scared, but he made me sleep in the carpet just for fun. "Of course" he said with a smile. We both laid in the bed and Liam covered us with a blanket and we fell asleep. The next day I woke up at 6:00 am. Liam wasn't by my side do I decided to get dressed. I wore light blue jeans, grey Vans and a stretch, short sleeve, red blouse, then I went to my bathroom and I put mascara on and I curled my hair at the ends. I took my backpack and went downstairs. I walked to the kitchen and I saw Liam sitting in the kitchen table eating watermelon with a spoon. "Good morning big brother" I said while placing a kiss on his cheek. "Good morning Lil sis, want a ride to school?" he asked me with his mouth full of watermelon. "No thanks, Niall is going to pick me up" I said while taking two cookies n' cream pop tarts and putting them inside the microwave for 20 seconds. After five minutes I heard a knock on the door. "It must be Niall, I'm leaving! bye Liam, love you!!" I exclaimed while reaching the front door knob. "Are you leaving without a kiss of your big brother?" he asked and then kissed my forehead. "No, of course not" I said and I smiled. "Take care!" Liam said and I walked out the door. -*NIALL'S POV*- I was on my way to Lizzie's house, I was driving my bike when I heard something falling from my backpack. I stopped and went to saw what was it. It was a notebook... Oh yeah! that was the notebook that Lizzie had in home chores, she might lost it in my room. I got down of my bike and rest it on the sidewalk. I picked up the notebook and I opened it, it had a lot of cute drawings, there were a couple of a knight that looked just like Kendall, but after I turned some more pages the guy of the drawings change, it was now a prince and it looked liked me, there was one with the prince and a princess that looked like Lizzie and they were holding hands, at the bottom of the page Lizzie wrote "Lizzie&Niall" I couldn't help but smile. Maybe she liked me more than a friend. I put the notebook inside my backpack and I started driving to Lizzie's home. I arrived and I knocked the door and seconds later Lizzie opened the door holding two pop tarts. "Hi Lizzie, are you feeling better now?" I asked her. "Yes, thank you" she said back and smile, she looked so beautiful and I couldn't help but stare and she blushed. "Let's go to school" I said and she put her feet in the supports that are on each side of the back wheel, she wrapped one arm inside my stomach and with the other she was eating her pop tarts then I started to drive to school. The drive was silent, but I heard Lizzie singing in a low voice. "What are you singing?" I asked her. "Um... did you heard me? Sorry..." she said kinda ashamed. "No need to apologise, you have an amazing voice" I said happy. "Thanks, so do you..." she said. "Please keep singing" I told her. "Fine" she said with a laugh. She started singing the song "Why Not?" by Hillary Duff. She sang so amazing, just like his brother. "That was awesome!" I said when she finished the song. "Thanks, now is your turn" she said happily. "Ok" I said and started singing "The A Team" by Ed Sheeran. "That was amazing" Lizzie said when the song finished. "Oh and by the way, my brother can take us to the airport this Monday" She added. "That's great! Thanks" I said. We arrived to school and I tied my bike in a pole. "Did you brought Niall Jr.?" She asked. "Yep" I said and took Niall Jr. out of my backpack, I pasted his head with some tape. "Poor baby" Lizzie said looking at him. "I know, hopefully the professor won't get mad" I said. Next to us parked a motorcycle, it was Zayn's. "Tess!!!" Lizzie exclaimed and ran to hug her. "What happened to your baby?" Tess asked weirdly. "Kendall broke it" Lizzie answered sad. "You broke up with him, right?" Tess asked Lizzie. "YES!!!!" she answered happily and hugged Tess. "That's amazing!!!!" Tess exclaimed. "Girls..." Zayn said to me laughing. I just laughed. I couldn't stop staring at Lizzie. "Where was you yesterday? I couldn't find you" Zayn asked me. "I was at Lizzie's home, I wanted to be sure that she was fine" I said with a smile. "Did you find your notebook?" he asked me. "Yes, Lizzie had it..." I said nervous. "Why?" Zayn asked. "Our things got mixed the other day, when Lizzie was at my house" I answered. "And did she read something?" Zayn asked raising an eyebrow. "Um... yes, and she asked me to sing her a song" I answered. "Amazing!" that's the only thing he said. The bell for the first period rang and Lizzie and I went to home chores and Zayn joined Tess in PE. Today was our first baby check out and when the professor came to our place he just screamed. "What happened to your baby?" he asked with a horror face. "Um... my dog broke his head" Lizzie said. She didn't have a dog, I was about to burst in laughter. "Mmmmmmmm..." that's the only thing the professor said before writing something on his notebook and then he walked away. "Oh and by the way..." I said to Lizzie while looking for her notebook. I handed her the notebook. "Oh my God! I thought I had lost it!" she said taking it. "It was in my backpack" I said. "Did you open it?" she asked nervous. "No..." I lied. She sighed in relief. "Why?" I asked. "Nothing..." she answered more nervous. "Does it says something bad about me?" I asked already knowing the answer. "Of course not Niall!!!" she said with a big smile on her face. The class was over and Lizzie went to her locker and I to mine. -*LIZZIE'S POV*- I went to the bathroom to see if my makeup was ok before going to my locker. When I got inside I saw a familiar girl, it was the girl that was holding hands with Kendall in the mall. "Um... hello" I said to her. "Oh hi!" she said happily. "I'm Lizzie" I said to see if she recognised me. "Oh yeah! You're Kendall's cousin right?" she asked. "And you are his..." I said. "I'm his girlfriend!" she said exited. I needed to tell her that he was a cheater, even if that was about to break her heart. "I'm actually Kendall's girlfriend, I mean, ex girlfriend, he was cheating on me with you" I said kinda sad. "I'm very sorry" she said very sad. "I'm not blaming you, you didn't know" I said. She looked like she was about to cry. "Sorry if I ruined your relationship" she said letting a tear escape from her eyes. "Please don't cry, our relationship was ruined since the day we started dating" I said and then I pulled her in a hug, she hugged me back. I let go and I saw my phone. "I should be leaving, I need some stuff from my locker" I said walking towards the door. "Ok, thanks for being honest with me" she said wiping her tears away and smiling. "No problem, and don't be sad, he doesn't deserve a girl like you" I said and leave the restroom and walked to my locker. -*KENDALL'S POV*- I was talking with this amazing girl, Mia, when I saw Sophie coming in my direction very angry. "Hey babe what's up? I asked her. "Don't try to be cool with me!" she answered mad. I wasn't expecting that answer. "Why are you like that?" I asked confused. "Who's this girl?" she asked pointing Mia. "I'm his girlfriend" Mia said. Damn!!! Stupid Mia! "Nice to meet you Mia, I'm Sophie, Kendall's girlfriend, well now ex girlfriend" Sophie said mad. "What is she talking about?" Mia asked mad. "Um..." I tried to said but Sophie interrupted me. "I'm saying that this guy here is an stupid player that makes every single girl his cousin just to have more girlfriends, just like he did to his ex girlfriend Lizzie!" Sophie exclaimed. Again that bitch is trying to ruin my life? Well I'll make hers a living hell. Sophie walked away and I didn't notice when Mia left. Damn! I went to look out for all my friends to make Lizzie's life a living hell. -*LIZZIE'S POV*- I was taking some stuff out of my locker when somebody closed it. "What's your problem?" I asked facing Kendall. "My problem is that you just made Sophie and Mia broke up with me" he said back mad. "You deserve it! Player!" I said mad. I tried to walk away but Kendall's friends pushed me against the lockers. "Let me go!" I exclaimed trying to break free from their grip. "Not until you pay!" Kendall said while walking to me. "Pay with what?" I asked him scared. He didn't answered, he just punched me face so hard that blood came out from m y nose. He started punching me and kicking me everywhere. He punched me again in my stomach, his friends let me go and I fell into the ground, the bell for the second period rang and I thought he was going to stop but instead all his friends started to kick me. -*NIALL'S POV*- The bell for the second period rang and I couldn't find Lizzie in the classroom so I decided to look out for her. I was walking to her locker when I saw a group of guys bullying somebody. "Take that bitch!" I heard Kendall said. "Neither the geek Horan wants to save you slut!!! Geek Payne!!" Another guy said. Did he just say Payne? Oh no it was Lizzie the girl they were hitting. I ran to them and started to punch everybody in the back and the started to fall on the ground. And there I was, facing the nasty Kendall, the guy that always bullied me. I wanted revenge so I punched him hard in his face causing him to fall on the ground. I grabbed Lizzie's hand and we ran away. "Get those idiots back!" I heard Kendall shouting. I looked back and I saw all Kendall's friends running behind us. We reached the parking lot and we hid between two cars. "Are you ok?" I asked Lizzie in slow voice. "Yes, all thanks to you" she said in a whisper. Lizzie started to breath louder so I covered her mouth with my hand. "Where are they?" I heard Kendall saying angrily. "Maybe they ran to their houses" I heard another guy said. "FUCK!!!" Kendall exclaimed. Suddenly I heard the principal Hamilton talking to them. "What are you doing here?" the principal asked them madly. "Nothing, I think my math notebook fell outside my car so I came to look out for it, and my friends wanted to help" Kendall said in a convincing way. After that we heard that they were walking away and we both sat on the ground. I sighed in relief and started to clean Lizzie's blood with a napkin when she suddenly started to breath faster. "Hey Lizzie are you ok? Please calm down, they're gone" I said super worried. Suddenly she closed her eyes and passed out. I was holding her in my arms. "Hey please Lizzie wake up!" I exclaimed. I was more than worried so I called Zayn. "Hey what's up? I need to hung up I'm in the middle of a class" he said in a whisper so the teacher won't notice it. "Lizzie just passed out here in the parking lot and I don't know what to do!" I exclaimed trying not to cry. "I'll try to get out of class, I'll bring Tess too" Zayn said and hung up. Minutes later I heard footsteps running out of the school. "Niall where are you?!" I heard Zayn said. "Here mate please hurry up!" I exclaimed. Zayn and Tess found me. "Is she breathing?" Tess asked worried. "Yes, she just fainted" I said trying to calm her. "Her face is covered with blood! What happened?" Zayn asked confused. I told them the whole story. They were in shock. "Kendall beat up Lizzie?" Tess asked mad. "You punched Kendall? Awesome!" Zayn said with a smile. "Zayn this isn't time to celebrate! What are we waiting for?" Tess said and took out his iPhone. "Who are you calling?" I asked her. "Liam Payne, her brother" Tess answered.   ***Authors note: I just want to thank my awesome friend Diana (actually one of my BFFs and a huge Directioner) for helping me with all the updating stuff because without her this wouldn't be possible! Diana you are more than an amaZayn BFF and I love you so much!!! 
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