Free Hugs

Lizzie Payne is just a popular girl in her school and has the best boyfriend ever, well that's what she thinks. Kendall, Lizzie's boyfriend, hates helping and bullies Niall Horan. One day Niall and Lizzie went to a charity event called Free Hugs and hugged for more than 3 hours. How Kendall will react? Will Lizzie start to realise how her boyfriend is in reality? Niall loves Lizzie, will after this she will start liking him more? Will there be a future for Lizzie and Niall? Read to find out...
"A hug can change a life" by Lizzie de Anda :D
Note: In this fan fiction the guys from One Direction aren't famous and the only guys that appear are Niall and Zayn and a part Liam as Lizzie's big brother. A/N: the other guys from 1D will appear too at the half of the story


16. One Direction


I can't believe that my dream of being a singer is coming true!

-Girls, can you please go outside for a minute so I can talk with the boys?- Simon asked Lizzie, Danielle and Eleanor.
-Sure- they answered in unison and left, closing the door behind them.

Simon gave the contract to his secretary and he smiled at us.

-Are you excited boys?- Simon said to us.
-Of course!!!- we all answered.
-That's great! And because I want you to get along as a group I'll send you all to your own "band house" so go pack your stuff and I'll send a SUV to pick you up at your houses- Simon said.

Simon stood up while we were cheering until my smile fade away.

-What's wrong Liam?- Simon asked and sat down again.
-It's my sister...- I said sad and Niall looked at me.
-What's wrong with her?- Simon asked.
-It's just that I don't want to leave her by her own, Danielle's parents arrive today and my mom hates her, she doesn't have a place to sleep...- I whispered.

I was about to cry when Simon put his hand on my shoulder.

-If that's what worry you, you can bring her to the new house too! If that's alright with the rest of the guys- Simon said and looked at the other guys.
-That will be perfect!- Niall exclaimed.
-More friends! That's perfect!- Louis
-I want to get along better with her- Harry said.
-She's an awesome friend and I love her as a sister, so yes- Zayn said and tears of happiness ran down my cheeks.
-Thanks mates- I said.

We all got out of the meeting room and went to see the girls.

Lizzie saw me and ran to hug me.

-What's wrong?- she whispered.
-Nothing could be wrong when I'm with you- I whispered and she hug me tighter.


-NIALL!- I exclaimed happy and went to hug my boyfriend.

Niall lift me up and we started laughing.

-Thanks for everything...- Niall said to me.

His hands were on my waist and my arms were around his shoulders.

-I'm so happy that you're coming to live with us!- I heard Louis saying to me.
-What?- I asked confused.
-Louis, Zayn, Harry, Liam and I are moving to our "band house" and Liam asked Simon if you could come with us...- Niall said.

I hugged him again and I started crying of happiness because my brother will be always by my side.

-No hug for me?- I heard Harry asking me.
-Sure- I said while pulling away from Niall's embrace and wiping my tears again.

-Congratulations, Harry- I said while hugging him.

He hugged me tight and I smiled.

-Guys...- we heard Simon calling the boys.

Harry and I pulled away and I walk to Niall's side and he hold my hand tight.

-I was forgetting! I'm going to leave you a little homework, it's very important...- he said with a smile.
-Yes?- we all asked in unison.
-You need to name your band!- Simon said.

We all started cheering again, we were so happy.

-And here's your schedule...- he said and his secretary handed the boys a yellow folder with the schedule.
-Thanks for everything Simon- Liam said and all the boys shook hands with Simon.

Simon smiled and we went back home to pack our stuff.

We arrived to Danielle's house and packed all my stuff, I was so happy! I was going to live with my brother, with my boyfriend, with Zayn and two new friends, Harry and Louis.

I threw all my stuff to my backpack, I closed it and called Tess.

-Hello!- Tess answered.
-Guess what?!- I said.
-What?- she said happy.
-Zayn and Niall are part of a boy band!- I said and we both started screaming.
-Zayn just called me and I'm so excited!!!!!!- Tess exclaimed.
-I know!!!!- I said happy.
-And the best part is that you're living with them!- Tess said and I smiled.
-Yes, thanks to Liam- I said.
-And with your boyfriend too!!!!- Tess exclaimed and I screamed.

We started laughing when Liam called me:

-Lizzie! The SUV is here!- 
-Coming!- I exclaimed- I'll call you later okay?- I said to Tess.
-Sure, and have fun!- Tess said and I hung up.

I walked downstairs and I saw Danielle and Liam hugging. Danielle was crying.

They pulled away and Liam kissed her.

-Have fun- she said and she wiped away her tears.
-Thanks for everything, Danielle- I said and she hugged me.
-It was a pleasure having you here- she said and pulled away.

We walked outside and there was an SUV and I saw all the guys inside.

-Hi!!!- I exclaimed.

Harry jumped out of the back window and grabbed my suitcase.

-Let me help you with this...- he said while walking to the trunk.
-Thanks- I said

Liam opened the car door for me and I sat on the third row of sits, with Liam and Niall.

-Ready guys?- the driver asked us.
-Yes!- we all answered in unison.

~skip car ride~

-Shhhh! You're going to wake her up!- I heard Louis whispering.

I think I fell asleep.

I had my eyes closed when I felt two strong arms carrying me bridal style.

-Where are we?- I asked while rubbing my eyes.
-In our new home...- Liam said.

Liam put the me down and he opened the main entrance.

The house was amazing! At the center it had a huge staircase with glass handles, at the second floor there were 6 rooms, three at the left and three at the right. Back to the first floor: at the left there was a kitchen and a dinning room, at the left there was a living room with leather couches and a fireplace, and over the fireplace was a flat tv screen and on a table there were video game consoles. At the back there was a huge glass door that led to a huge backyard with a huge pool.

-This is amazing!- Louis exclaimed.
-Well guys, my name is Paul and I'll be your bodyguard.
-Hey Paul- we all said in unison.
-So, at the left are the rooms for Harry, Niall and Lizzie...- he said while reading a paper -...and at the right Liam, Zayn and Louis...-

He looked inside his pocket and handed us a key, one for each one of us.

-This is your house key... don't lose it...- he said -... and in the garage are your cars, one for each member of the band.

The boys mouths dropped and they ran to the garage. I followed them and I saw 5 mini coopers.

Louis chose the blue one, Niall the light brown, Liam the white one, Zayn a dark green and Harry a red one.

-This is amazing! My own car!- Niall said and I walked to him -now I can take you everywhere!- 
-Better than your bike- I said trying to make Niall feel better.
-Much better!- he said and hug me.

Then Paul came in.

-Guys, your suitcases are in the main door, you can unpack your stuff now... -he said walking to the door but then he turned around -...oh, and Simon wants you to check your schedule.
-Thanks Paul- we all said in unison.

We all went to pick our stuff and I walked to me room, it was the last door to the left. I opened the door and I supposed that it was the guest room: the room had plain white walls, at me middle it was a king size bed with white duvets, a huge window with white curtains and a white closet. I opened another door and I saw a nice and big bathroom with a shower, a nice vanity and a modern toilet. I opened the vanity doors and I saw a blow drier and a flat iron.

I smiled and I left my suitcase next to my bed. I laid down staring at the ceiling. 

-I need to redecorate my new room- I said to myself with a huge grin.

I quickly hang all my clothes in my closet and walked downstairs.

All the boys where sitting at the living room.

-Hey- I said.
-Hey- they all answered back.

I sat next to Niall and I saw him holding the yellow folder that Simon gave them: it was their schedule.

-So here's what we need to do: - Liam started reading.

This was the schedule...
*Wednesday(today): unpack.
*Thursday: Pick up school papers for tour. 9:00am
*Friday: Record first single (the girls can come) 10:00am
*Saturday: Record half of the album. (Private) 8:30 am
*Sunday: interview on TV promoting the new single: 11:00am, 3:00pm, 6:00pm and 10:00pm
*Monday: record the other half of the album. 8:30 am
*Tuesday: Free day
*Wednesday: The promotion tour (Up All Night) starts. (Free concert at the mall at 4:00 pm)
*Thursday: private party at the house 8:00 pm
*Friday: trip to Nottingham. 6:00am

-We have a very hard week...- Harry said.
-Well, I'm going to unpack my stuff...- Zayn said and walked away.
-Me too...- the other guys said.
-Want help?- Niall asked me.
-No thanks, I already unpacked- I said.

Only Niall and me were in the living room.

-So, what do you want to do?- he asked me.
-I wanted to buy some stuff for my room, it's plain white and boring- I said.
-I can go with you- Niall said while leaning closer to me.
-That will be great- I whispered.

Niall rested his hand behind my neck and pulled me closer. I smiled and closed my eyes. Then I felt Niall's soft lips on mines. It was a sweet and passionate kiss.

We heard somebody running downstairs so we pulled away.

-By the way, tonight at 10 we will have a band meeting to talk about the name of the band- Liam said.
-Okay- Niall and I said in unison.

Liam went back to his room.

-Let's go...- Niall said.

We got in his car and he started driving.

~skip shopping~

We arrived to the house at 9:30pm. Niall and I were carrying a lot of stuff and of course a Starbucks coffee.

-Finally you're back!- Liam exclaimed.
-You bought a lot of stuff...- Liam said helping me with my stuff.
-Yes, spent all my savings- I said.

Niall, Liam and I walked to my room and they left the stuff in the ground.

-Thanks a lot guys- I said.
-I'll be downstairs waiting for you to decide the name- Liam said.
-Sure- I said.

Niall walked to the door.

-Niall!- I called him and he stopped.
-Yes?- he answered.
-Thanks...- I said and I walked to him.

I got closer until our lips met. He grabbed my waist, pulling me closer to him.

-I'll be down in a second- I said and pulled away.
-Okay- Niall said and left.

I stared at the stuff that I bought: a vintage blue floral wallpaper for the walls, pink curtains, a vintage pink duvet for the bed and blue pillows. A light pink love seat, a beautiful chandelier, some picture frames, a beige night stand, a lamp and some more clothes and makeup.

I smiled and I walked down to the living room.

-So, now that we are all together let's decide a name for the band...- Liam said.

I was sitting next to Niall. Everybody was looking to each other.

-Um... Niall's potatoes!- Niall said and everybody started laughing.
-It sounds better Louis' Carrots!- Louis exclaimed and Harry threw him a pillow.


It was 12:00 at night, we couldn't decide the name of the band. Everybody was asleep. Zayn was on Liam's lap and Liam was on Zayn's back. Louis was all over the floor and Lizzie fell asleep on Niall's lap.

I was little jealous, yes, Lizzie was beautiful and I wanted her to be mine.

I was bored to dead so I decided to watch the news.

-Now here's the weather for tomorrow...- 
-Thanks...- the lady of the weather started saying - ...this week the wind and rain will keep moving in one direction to the north...-

There it was!

-GUYS!!!- I exclaimed and everybody woke up.
-What now Harry?- Louis asked.
-I have it! I know the perfect name for the band!- I said.

Everybody looked at me... 

-One Direction...




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